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G25 FFB Problem

Started by Coolness, May 25, 2011, 07:36:54 PM

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Hi everybody,

I like this game ! But how I can avoid this effect ?


Profiler :

In game
Strengh : 100
Damping : 0
Angle : 900
Dead Zone : 1
Linearity : 100

steering ratio 4:1

Thank you!


Could you please try increasing steering dead zone?


No change. When the kart starts to turn, the effect returns.


This is very annoying. Can't idle and have to pit every time I want to afk or chat because of it.


Yes very... No solution? :(


i have the same problem but...now i am used to.
when driving, taking hard the steering wheel, and i have set a strong FFB, you do not notice, i have a little bit problem when changing gear in ks1...anyway...:)


May 27, 2011, 12:09:51 AM #6 Last Edit: May 27, 2011, 12:15:26 AM by Racehard
Here it is exactly the same, but I don't see it as a problem, because I hold the wheel in my hands so this effect never occurs. Of course I can force it like you showed in the video, but if you steer normal and don't hit the wheel from one side to the other it works alright, I'd only be worried if it would start shaking by itself, which it doesn't.

Isn't that an issue which you have at almost every force feedback game? I would call it typical ffb oscillation, or whatever, if you let the steering wheel pop.


It's not a problem for me, but just strange effect. I have the same "problem" in all FFB game I wanted to know if you have a solution. It's true, this effect never occurs when I drive normally. It was just a question. Thank you, and sorry for my english.


The same problem for me, and is very annoying, because in KS1 I have to hold stronger the wheel when I shift up or shift down... I have a Logitech Driving Force Pro, with 180 angle, 75 strenght. I only have this problem in Kart Racing Pro (games like rFactor or LFS, for example, the Force Feedback goes well).

However, I notice this problem since Beta 2. I remember not to have this FFB problem in the first beta.



Yes, I said "its not a problem" but few day i wanted increase FFB 100 --> 200 and the effect is all time here, even at 60km/h, so very annoying and impossible to drive correctly. FFB 200 --> 100 :(


anyway...i was thinking...but steering wheels of real kart, don't have a lot of...how to say?..."life"?


Quote from: oppolo on May 31, 2011, 11:02:21 PM
anyway...i was thinking...but steering wheels of real kart, don't have a lot of...how to say?..."life"?

Mmmm I only drive an automatic kart (Rotax Max 125cc), but I think no, steering wheels of real kart don't have a lot of "life", hehe. This is my opinion, but it would be better the opinion of a KZ2 driver (the same as KS1).


I am using Logitech Formula Force EX, I have got the same problem, but I have found a solution that worked for me. Firstly, I enable Force Feedback in setings, wheel strenght 100%, after that I go and drive for 1 second, then I go to setings and uncheck "Enable Force Feedback" or something like that :D. And that works for me ;)