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Dash - timing not working

Started by 0bli0, September 29, 2016, 05:37:49 PM

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We just upgraded to a new system.  Everything else is working great except the Dash/logger.  There is no time nor RPM indication.  This is in version .   THis is 15b.   Video card is Intel HD 520 and the video driver is the latest one and running on Windows 10.   It was working great on the older pc.   
BTW if i install the alfano dash into a dashes folder, the lights will incrementally come on, but no readout in time or RPM.  Regardless of which dash is used, there is no data in the readout (time temp and rpm).    Is there some configuration item i need to change?  it will list completed laps and sectors when returning to the pit.


yes that hapens but i recomend you to use only de MC4  ;)


same exact behaviour with Mychron 4