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Engine Change

Started by Alessandro Ceronetti, June 24, 2016, 07:01:40 pm

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Alessandro Ceronetti

         Here's a topic that might change the way Kart Racing Pro actually works,(in a positive way), for the next update.
When you join a session, whether it's multiplayer or single-player, you should have a selection of 5 engines for your 'race weekend'. For every new engine you put in you will have to run it in. So stay below the 5000 revs for a few laps, then you can start to make the most out of the engine. There should be also a percentage for the 'engine lifetime'. The lower it gets, the more it will affect it's running performance. If you get below 1% your engine will blow up. This will reset for every game that you join. From the game settings you can disable this like you do with the Tyre sets. So basically being able to reset your engine percentage. If you don't think this is a good idea please tell me. This could potentially make the game more realistic.

Thanks :)

Please request for events :)


if you own 5 engines and use them all in a weekend it must be nice.
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Alessandro Ceronetti

No like, that was an example Blake. I wish i could have that many in a weekend ;)
Please request for events :)

Alessandro Ceronetti

I was just giving PiBoSo an idea for the next update that they could take in consideration if the idea was good... ;D
Please request for events :)