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December 08, 2019, 10:11:22 pm


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CRG 2015 WIP

Started by Cory_Hayes, December 05, 2015, 04:53:03 am

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Proud to say my kit isn't just copy pasted from the low quality photo of the sticker kit, it is actually done from scratch... ( I know I have to line the things on the nosecone up so don't comment plox)
still not sure if I want to release it publicly as I know for a fact that the Teletubbies ( krp spain group ) will take it and re release it and boom there goes my hard work.....
sooo yeah we will see what happens



Looks awesome so far, keep it up  :)
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I have a question, are the 2016 stickets on the website? i think no,
The kart is looking great but they lack all the small sprockets of tbe desogn




Very very nice Cory! Please release it, I will have an eye on it and gonna tell PiBoSo directly in case something happens
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That looks amazing Cory! Great work!
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* My face while making this paint *


My plan is to release the skin PRIVATELY to skwc.
Obviously still working on it.

HamletBandit (tonykartmini)


Hi Cory if you haven't already done it, there's a good pic of the texture for the steering wheel (the black/orange bits have hexes on) here:


Looks great :D
Thank you very much for this paint