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November 14, 2019, 07:37:08 am


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A1 Racing Rotax Team.

Started by j0e, June 10, 2015, 04:38:59 pm

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Hi guys, I'm starting up a new team as I'm coming back to Kart Racing Pro, my team is Academy One Racing, it will be for Rotax to start off with and KF if people want to use it, I will do most popular tracks and will get bodywork done which I will send you a link to download, I will get as many people as I can to join to try and make it the best team on Kart Racing Pro, I will host lots of races and also some money races when I see the team can race cleanly together...

Please message me for more info on the team and we will sort out race dates and times :)
A1 Racing KRP Team.


Its great that you want to make a krp team, but this beta is basically dead, and I kind of doubt that the game will get many people back unless the netcode in the next beta is 100% on point and able to have 30 kart fields, also, you can try to make it the best team, but yeah, you won't have the best drivers come forward, you will have noobs want to join, good job for trying, but don't get your hopes up bruh.


A1 Racing KRP Team.

Hugo Hernandez

Yeah.Cory is right i think in this beta you only can do test.
But i hope in beta14 it will be like beta 11 or better