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May 19, 2019, 11:29:06 am


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My Tracks

Started by Hugo Hernandez, April 25, 2015, 07:40:54 pm

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Hugo Hernandez

April 25, 2015, 07:40:54 pm Last Edit: April 30, 2015, 10:46:54 pm by hugo72
I release my tracks.
I hope you like,i'm starting in BTB so...
Are not the best tracks

Angervlille: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bpckkt0yphnxome/Angerville.zip?dl=0

SugoKart: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g0tkqc4b24lvxj9/SugoKart.zip?dl=0

HootonPark: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2zaof0vft1hpizt/HootonPark.zip?dl=0


So many thanks to evolution-kart


Thank you, :)

is it ok for you if I upload the tracks to my DropBox database?
( http://forum.kartracing-pro.com/index.php?topic=4785.0 )

Hugo Hernandez

Yes.There is no problem



Thank you !!

Angerville track is perfect !

(only the best line is bad ... but who needs it ... ?)

Hugo Hernandez



Your Angerville track is absolutely not similar to the real one!

Hugo Hernandez

I said, i'm starting in BTB, if you dont like dont download it.
And your angerville...

Hugo Hernandez

Alan looks .
I have created another circuit .
You may publish it tonight , tomorrow, next year or never for people like your week.
I , when someone creates a circuit, engine or whatever , I thank you for taking the time to do something for a community and over free.
I already know that it is not well done , which is flawed , and that put up for people to read it and know that you have faults.
And besides , if we put ourselves in the situation that any circuit must be published if you have failures , there would be no circuit.


Hugo Hernandez


I like Hooton 2  :)

Ive been trying to do this track myself with not a great deal of luck/skills!

Keep up the good work.

Hugo Hernandez

Now i'm working in AlcaƱiz and Rowrah