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Newbie Setup Help

Started by kamidphish, January 09, 2012, 01:13:00 AM

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I just got the game, I have a g27 wheel and need help with setup. In the slow sections of Lonato I can't get through the mid corner with out loosing the rear. It feels like the steering is way too aggressive as though the game response with more steering than I intend to input. Does anyone have any advice on what to change?

I've configured the wheel with 180 degrees and ackermann std and 4:1.

I've tried some of the setups on here but I've never had a kart experience where it wants to swap-ends so quickly. (I used to race KT-100 in Oz)



Reduce your castor angle to about 3. That's what I use as a starting point. Too much castor gives you too much mechanical jacking which makes the kart oversteer in the mid-corner. As you drive faster, you may need more castor to stop understeer in the mid-corner


I also maxed out the FOV and that helped a lot (with out adjusting any kart settings).


I've always run max FOV. I also used to run Clubman here in Oz but have moved to 125 Restricted now. Couldn't affrord to rebuild my engines all the time :(.

Did you try the castor change and did it work for you?

Nathan Dunnett

If you are still struggling, going into input options and reduce the linearity of the steering to 97-99. It is only a tiny change but makes a massive difference to drivability.