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Hardware dash 2015

Started by composite.wave, January 23, 2015, 06:50:10 AM

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I just cant pass this up.  I placed the order day.  It should arrived in 3 weeks total.  I'll be research the arduino site/forum on how to set it up,ect. 


 ;D ;DYES!  Package with nano & led button is here.  I ordered a matching pcb but its in a separate shipment.  I may drop into radio shack by monday.

So next I'm going to install Arduino OS & ides.  Let me catch my breath and calm down a bit.


Does anyone one know how the wiring is to be connected to the 2 devices.  From looking at videos I see a Pcb isnt necessary.  By the videos it appears to be a simple 4 wire connection.




Then an install of the arduino bootloader.  I not sure about the display tm1638 library, but is necessary that would be next.
Lastly would be the krp code.

Theoretically this could be build in under a day.

I have all the above mentioned docs and libraries set to go, I just need to figure out wiring. 



March 05, 2015, 01:52:09 AM #3 Last Edit: March 11, 2015, 09:33:52 AM by composite.wave
I havent got the nano board itself recognized by my pc.  Thats one stumbling block.  But maybe someone can make a few more steps than myself. Good luck!


Here is the wiring diagram.  According to the author the STRB1 is incorrect make it STRB0.

Thats it for the wire up.   I recommend you connect the Nano board to your PC and get it recognized, sorted, & tested before wiring it to the LED.  This isolates things in case troubleshooting is necessary. ::)!

Then its on to libraries.  Talk to you soon.


Round 2. I cooked the nano board so I had to re order.  Order arrived last night.  I'm taking it easy this time.  I set up the nano board alone.  I ran the simple blink test and it passed.
Here are pics of the progression.  I will be reading and watching youtube for a bit before I go any further.  Will keep you updated.