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November 24, 2020, 06:16:28 PM


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Graphic quality changing

Started by Jommy45, January 05, 2015, 11:35:33 PM

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Piboso, I recently installed beta 12b and when I first open the programme everything is visually fine, then once I got into settings and click done,  the text, graphics and kart appearance all become very poor and blurry, even though I have not actually changed the graphic settings, then when the game asks me if I want to keep this resolution I click no and it takes me back to square one, I use a Sony vaio laptop and have had no problems until this beta, please help!




I also am suffering irregularities and what you described happened to me.   I think it was caused by me not clicking done after i adjusted the resolution dialog.  In other words I made a change then clicked the back instead of done.  The screen hung asking if i wanted to accept the resolution changes but it would time out b4 I could choose yes or no.  Then it would repeat this action over and over.  So I alt ctrl del and shut the game down and did a reboot.  That cleared that issue.  After adjusting anything in the graphics setting remember to click done.

Anyone tried running in rainy mode?  I need chunks of time to sit down and assess and analyse this program and I truly hope it will all be fixed or explained.


Piboso, I turned the display off of fullscreem, that seemed to fix the graphic quality issue, although the display was smaller, I then increased the display size gradually and he quality stayed the same, so then I clicked the fullscreen display option and the graphic quality stayed good, so problem resolved for now unless it shows up again which I hope it does
PS good job on this beta, love it!