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Kart Racing Pro release13e available! :)

Race on AMSTERDAM Thursday 22.00 (MADRID HOUR)

Started by Aritz, April 12, 2011, 09:50:49 AM

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The server crash was my fault, sorry!

The computer which has the server, was formatted some days ago and I forgive to deactivate "suspension" mode (I dont know the english word) so just half hour after I left my job, computer stopped and all went to crap like you saw yesterday :(

The good thing is that until 21.50 the server went Ok, didnt it?

See you soon again on the track and sorry!


yes till 21.50 and one guy with a ping of 300 has joined was all ok.


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April 15, 2011, 08:01:11 PM #18 Last Edit: April 15, 2011, 08:04:00 PM by Racehard
Yeah Lonato race was great fun :)

Unfortunately eslotes and I had a small bump, which really shouldn't have had any aftereffects, but due to a fail on the physic-side of krp eslotes spun out of the race but that was neither my nor his fault. Afterwards he must have been extremely angry, which I can understand on the one side because I would have been pissed off as well but the kamikaze attack at the end wasn't necessary at all, he first should have watched the replay and cool down a bit, before doing anything stupid and destroy my race aswell, but I forgive him aslong he learns from that and promises to never ever do something like that again in the heat of the battle ;)

The karts are sometimes still to overreactive on small bumps between two karts which in reality would never lead to a big crash, so please PiBoSo improve that further on. This is a very important fact to bring real racing to krp, thank you.


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