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October 22, 2020, 05:27:01 AM


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is this a bumper-car game? part 2

Started by elgypsy59, June 11, 2014, 09:13:07 PM

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hi, last year a topic was created about strange comportment on tracks , i decided to create another topic because  this kind off stuff are not over yet, they are two driver jesus rb and hugo fernandez who keep ruining races, loss of time by constantly crashing into people, running track the wrong way, this kind of habits destroying krp and have a huge impact on the game

hope that will stop soon


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if i was on server i never had a problem with them ...
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They are both young kids who don't have much of an idea of what they are doing. For the best racing experience in these types of communities, your best bet is usually organized or sanctioned league racing.

If you want, you could apply to the Sim Karting World Championship, a league which has kept out both of these two wreckers along with a few others.


Hugo Hernandez


So we're all on the pre-grid and thoroughly and you came not brakes and gave us a good shock
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You both drove backwards and intentionally try to get people disqualified on the start (in my case, I was on pole, and JesusRB hit me and forced me over the speed limit, causing me to get Disqualified).

Take a look for yourself:

Hugo Hernandez


TupaKart is the best!
D.E.P  Jules Bianchi


Hello fellow racers. I was the one who started the old topic on this issue. I left the game because if this and have now returned to try out the new version. I'm sad to see that people still do these things...