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November 27, 2020, 07:11:25 AM


Kart Racing Pro release11f available! :)


Started by HornetMaX, May 29, 2014, 10:40:42 PM

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V2.1.6 out (2019/09/11)
  • Changes for GPB beta16.
Two wheels, more than enough.


V2.1.7 out (2020/01/03)
  • Changes for KRP beta10 (reference UI is now 16:9).
  • GPB only: option in HUDInputs to show either "throttle" or "engine throttle": "throttle" is what comes out of your input device, "engine throttle" is what goes into the engine (i.e. corrected buy the ECU with idle control, traction control, anti wheeling and rev limiter).

Happy New year all !
Two wheels, more than enough.


V2.1.8 out (2020/01/23)
  • HUDTiming: LiveGap now shows only one livegap (the one from Windows timer, as the game's own timing passed to the output plugins drifts away over laps).
  • Change LiveTiming due to a bug discovered in MXB (see http://forum.mx-bikes.com/index.php?topic=3143.0). Should have no impact (aside mitigating the MXB bug).
Two wheels, more than enough.


V2.2.0 out (2020/05/06)
  • Important: there are new files in the MaxHUD_data fodler: please copy the whole folder.
  • All the widgets that had the option to show or not a background can now also use a .tga file as background. Click on the menu option to know the file name each widget is expecting (in MaxHUD_data folder).
  • HUDMap: Improved track drawing. Now plots a border along the track. Width and color of track and border can be
    configured. Track width and track border width have a "fixed screen size" option. Warning: widget configuration will be
  • HUDStandings: some cosmetic rework. Warning: widget configuration will be reset.
  • Fixed some scaling/aspect ratio bugs.
  • Some cosmetic changes all around.
Two wheels, more than enough.


V2.2.1 out (2020/08/11)
  • Reduced by 50% the number of quads used by HUDMap: fps impact of MaxHUD should be lowered (especially on long tracks / low-spec systems).
  • All timings can now display longer times / gaps.
  • HUDLiveGapBar has now more options for its scale (can be longer, for veeery long tracks).
Two wheels, more than enough.