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3D grass problem

Started by wifi555, May 24, 2014, 12:51:45 am

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May 24, 2014, 12:51:45 am Last Edit: May 24, 2014, 12:59:54 am by wifi555
Hi guys, im trying to figure out how to do 3d grass but im stuck.
The grass just looks like planes.
2nd, now i use the grass_blades texture for the ground.
If i use another one its just showing a white ground in mapview.
Do i have to make 2 GRS files?
Anyone knows what i'm doing wrong?


Somwhere on here are example files,pretty sure
<br /><br />Custom Track work


I've searched this a couple of times, but still have no clue what i'm doing wrong.
(I'm not that guy who wants someone else to do my, work. :) ;) )

Lots of examples of the grs files, but no examples of the texture files.
In my case it looks like the blades are showing, but where i want it to be transparent, it's giving me a flat plane in the color of the grass_color.tga texture.

I did find a dropbox-link from EVO with his grass files but the link is down.

I think i'm messing something up with my textures but i don't know what.
So if anyone has an idea how to solve it, or has some examples of the texture. That would be nice.


You have to use a normal texture for grass mesh. It has to be power of 2, and in .tga file format. Then copy the name of the texture and give it the coding file of the 3d grass (not 100% sure what dile format it is)
<br /><br />Custom Track work


Thanks, finally found the problem.
Because my first attempt (the one of the picture) was looking almost like it should be, (apart from the planes) i kept modifying those files.
After your reply i cleaned up my texture map and checked the files again.
The new texture i was experimenting with i forgot to check the power of 2.
Now everything seems like it should be, and i can start playing around with shapes and colors of the blades.