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Kart Racing Pro release8 available! :)

Z1 Dashboard Software

Started by Russell Hodgson, March 12, 2014, 09:02:46 pm

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Russell Hodgson

We've released version 4.16.2 for the Z1 Dashboard. This is a small update that includes a small bug fix and update.

* Fixed a bug in the Speech that would not let you request the laps of fuel or the 'say all' option using the buttons if you didn't have those options selected in the speech tab.

* Updated some of the speech output to let you know when no data was available. Previously if you requested the lap time or fuel data and you didn't have a lap time at that point, or there were not enough laps to determine fuel consumption, then nothing was said. This could be confusing as you may think the request had not been received. Now if this is the case you will be told the information is not available yet.

You can download the demo here: http://z1simwheel.com/dashboard/demo.cfm

Russell Hodgson

We released version 4.16.3 today.  This has a few bug fixes:

* Fixed a bug in Project Cars 2 UDP feed which would cause the Z1 Dashboard to crash when crossing the S/F line due to an out-of-bounds value from the UDP feed.

* Fixed an issue with the McLaren MP-4 dashboard where the background didn't fill then entire vertical space of the window.

You can download the demo here: http://www.z1simwheel.com/dashboard/demo.cfm

Russell Hodgson

​​​​We have a quick survey here http://www.z1simwheel.com/survey/z12018 asking 11 questions about how people use the Z1 software.

This will help us get a better understanding of how people use the Z1 software and what they'd like to see included moving forward.


Russell Hodgson

Version 4.17 of the Z1 Dashboard is now available!

As always we've got lots of improvements, new features and new dashboards.

Some highlights are:
1) The Z1 Dashboard is now compatible with Codemasters F1 2018 sim.
2) Nine new dashboards!
3) New, improved UDP format used with the Z1 Server.
4) New options for how rFactor 2 car names are read.
5) More data points are read from several of the sims.
and more...

GT3 Dash 4A

Super Speedway Dash 3

New Weather Icons

Formula Dash 3A

Formula Dash 4A

rFactor 2 Car Name Options

You can download the latest demo here: http://z1simwheel.com/dashboard/demo.cfm

Existing users can get v4.17 here: http://z1simwheel.com/dashboard/MyDashboard.cfm

Here is the full list of release notes:
* Added two new dashboards, GT3 Dash 4A and GT3 Dash 4B.

* Added two new dashboards, Super Speedway Dash 3 and Super Speedway Dash 4.

* Added three new dashboards, Formula Dash 3A, Formula Dash 3B and Formula Dash 3C.

* Added two new dashboards, Formula Dash 4A and Formula Dash 4B.

* The Z1 Dashboard is now compatible with Codemasters F1 2018 sim. F1 2018 uses UDP to send data. To turn it on within the sim go to 'Game Options', then 'Settings', then 'Telemetry Settings'. Then set 'UDP Telemetry' to 'On'. Leave the IP address and port as the default. Set the UDP Format to '2018'. You will need to experiment with the UDP Send rate to get the one that works best for you. 30Hz seemed to work quite well during testing. Set 'D-Box', 'Fanatec LED', and 'SLIPro LED' to 'Off', if you are not using those devices.

Then within the Z1 Dashboard, open the Settings Dialog and click on the Network tab. Make sure the Codemasters checkbox is ticked, and choose 'F1 2018' from the drop down. If you have selectded Broadcast mode from the F1 2018 telemetry settings, then select 'F1 2018 BC'.

* The way in which the backgrounds of the track maps are displayed has been changed. The background color of the section of the track map that is showing the actual map is determined by the Ground Color selected in the Track Map tab. The Background Color selected in the Car 2 tab controls the background of the rest of the track map dashboard. The one exception is Track Map Dash 4. For this dash, the background color is used for the entire dashboard, and the Ground Color has no effect.

* The UDP packets sent from the Server to the Dashboard have been optimized allowing them to be smaller. This means less bandwidth is needed to send the data across the networks. It also paves the way for some new features currently in development.

* Camber is now being read from Assetto Corsa.

* Brake bias and Engine Torque is now read from rFactor 2. You will need to update the rFactor 2 plug.

* Engine Torque is now read from Project Cars 2.

* Logging has been updated to include more data when necessary. This should make determining issues easier in the future.

* There is a new option for rFactor 2 users. It is called 'rF2 Car Name' and is located in the General tab of the settings dialog. Scroll down and you'll see it underneath the Background Color 4 on the left. rFactor 2 allows cars to have both a car name and a car class. Depending on who creates the car the car name may be very specific and include a car number. For example 'Skip Barber #1'. In these cases the car class is usually similar to 'Skip Barber'. Now there are other cases where the car name may be '911 RSR GTE', and the car class may be very generic such as 'GTE'.

The Z1 Dashboard determines which dashboards to load based on the car name. If you have a car name that includes the car number then if you change the car number you'll have to recreate all your dashboards and settings for that car because the car will change from 'Skip Barber #1' to 'Skip Barber #2' for example. Obviously this which would be quite annoying. In these cases it would be better to use the car class to describe the car, as that would remain constant with 'Skip Barber'.

Now, if you have a car with a very generic car class, like 'GTE', then it would be better to use the car name to describe the car to avoid having the same dashboard settings loaded for completely different cars, like a 911 and a Ferrari. Because while those cars are in the same class, they would have very different dashboards.

This new 'rF2 Car Name' setting allows you to choose how you want the Z1 Dashboard to identify the car being used - either by its name or by its class.

Note that the selection you make will also determine how that car is displayed in the Z1 Analyzer when it reads telemetry data.

Finally, the standings displays will always use the car name, and not the car class to show which cars are driven by each player.

* Expanded the DISPLAY debug setting to include data in creation of background layers used in dashboards. This is intended to help determine issues that occasionally arise with those layers not being rendered.

* There is now an option to have the background of the dashboard flash a specific color when the fuel level is below a desired amount. This is set on a car by car basis. In the Car 1 tab there is a settings called 'Fuel Flash'. When on, the background will flash if the fuel is below 7 liters. This setting is on by default. In the Car 2 tab there is a new color swatch for 'Fuel Level Color'. This is the color the background will flash when this option is enabled, and is set on the dashboard by dashboard basis. And in the Car 2 tab under the warnings section, the Fuel Level is the level below which the background will being to flash. This is set to 7 liters by default. Note during qualifying sessions this feature is disabled.

With the introduction of the above background flash there are now 7 different scenarios in which the background will flash. They are in order of precedence: Hitting the rev limiter; Yellow flag; Local yellow flag; Blue flag; Pit limiter engaged; In pit lane; Low fuel warning. If two warnings are present at the same time, then the one with higher precedence will be displayed.

* Graphical updates to various dashboards.

* The weather dashboard has been updated to show more weather options. You can now see icons for sunny, light cloud, heavy cloud, overcast, light rain, heavy rain, and stormy weather conditions.

* The fuel level warning amount can now be specified as a decimal amount. Previously it had to be a whole number.

You can download the latest demo here: http://z1simwheel.com/dashboard/demo.cfm

Existing users can get v4.17 here: http://z1simwheel.com/dashboard/MyDashboard.cfm

Russell Hodgson

With the release of the latest versions of the Dashboard, Analyzer and Server we made some big changes to the UDP stream that is sent by the Z1 Server. As the number of data points that need to be transferred has grown over the years it was time to clean up the structure to use the bandwidth more efficiently.

The latest UDP structure is available here:

Anyone who is using the Z1 Server UDP feed in their own applications will have to update it to this latest spec.

Russell Hodgson

The latest version of the Z1 Dashboard, version 4.17 includes 9 new dashboards. These are the Formula Dash 3 and 4 series, the GT3 Dash 4 series and the Super Speedway Dash 3 and 4.

Here is a preview of these dashboards.


You can download the demo here: http://z1simwheel.com/dashboard/demo.cfm

Russell Hodgson

One of the great aspects of the Z1 Dashboard software is that it can notify you of various situations on track, or with your car.

This is done through changing the background color of the dashboard when one of these events occurs.


With version 4.17 there are 7 different notifications that can be communicated this way.

They are in order of precedence:
Hitting the rev limiter
Full Course Yellow flag
Local yellow flag
Blue flag
Pit limiter engaged
In pit lane
Low fuel warning

Download the demo here: http://z1simwheel.com/dashboard/demo.cfm

Russell Hodgson

Version 4.17.1 of the Z1 Dashboard is now available.  This fixes a few issues.

Release notes are:
* Fixed a bug with the Acura HPD dash where if you changed an in-car setting such as brake bias, after the dashboard displayed the new value of that setting, the white background could remain on the right side or the bottom of the Acura dash once it was re-displayed.

* Added debug option for adding cars to the list of cars in the drop down in the Car 1 tab ['Car Assignment']. This can help with debugging issues associated with cars not showing up in that drop down after they have been driven.

* Added a new option called 'DRS Mode' to the Car 1 tab. This is a car-specific assignment that lets you decide how the DRS should function. You can choose 'Standard'. This would be for F1 cars. Choose 'Simple' for cars where the DRS is either open or not and the number of times it has opened is counted (as in iRacing's Formula Renault 3.5). Choose 'Counting' for cars where you want the number of times the DRS has been deployed to be counted, but the sim does not provide this data.

You can download the demo here: http://z1simwheel.com/dashboard/demo.cfm

Russell Hodgson

Version 4.18.0 of the Z1 Dashboard is now available!

This latest version adds 8 new dashboards as well as updating some of the previous dashboards to include more information.

The new GT3 Dash 5

One of the 6 new IndyCar 2019 dashboards

The new Position/Fuel dash

Track maps can now display the track temperature.

It is compatible with the newest RaceRoom API. This new API adds a lot of new data channels, and both the Z1 Dashboard and Z1 Analyzer make full use of this new data.

We've added a 'sim time' option which replaces the real world time with the time within the sim when that information is available.  And you can now choose between 12 and 24 hour time displays.

The Weather Dash can now display the sim time.

New time options.

This latest update is available here: http://z1simwheel.com/dashboard/demo.cfm

For existing users they can get the update here: http://z1simwheel.com/dashboard/MyDashboard.cfm

Here is the full list of release notes:
* Added six new dashboards: Indy Car 2019 Short Oval Qual, Indy Car 2019 Short Oval Race, Indy Car 2019 Speedway Qual, Indy Car 2019 Speedway Race, Indy Car 2019 Road Qual, Indy Car 2019 Road Race.

* Added new GT3 Dash #5.  This is intended for cars like the BMW M8 GT car.

* Added new Position And Fuel dash.  This displays lap, position and fuel information in a large easy to read format.

* Compatible with the updated RaceRoom API. Note this update is not backwards compatible with the older RaceRoom API.

* We are now reading the car numbers from iRacing and RaceRoom for each car. This new information will be displayed on various dashboards.

* The Porsche 919 dashboards now display the actual percentage number of the ERS level and amount used per lap underneath the bars. This makes it easier to know the exact amount of ERS usage at any one time.

* The various Speech options are now available for use when you are connected to the Z1 Server.  (This was not the case in previous versions.)

* The Z1 Server now supports the new weather types introduced in previous versions of the Z1 Dashboard.  This provides for 7 different weather types including rain and storms.

* The track maps have been updated to include the average track temperature in the top right corner. The two exceptions to this are track maps 6 and 7.  They do not include this data because it is already displayed in the weather section of their displays.

* The Weather Dash will now display the time within the sim at the top of the dash, if the sim supplies that information.

* There is now an option in the General tab of the settings dialog called 'Time Units'. This lets you choose if time is displayed in a 24 hour or 12 hour format.

* There is now an option in the General tab of the settings dialog called 'Display Time As'. This determines if the time within the sim, or the actual time in real life, is displayed in the various clocks throughout the Z1 Dashboard.  Note not all sims support sim time.  If they do not then the sim time will be displayed as 00:00.

* There is a new Delta type for Race Room.  If you select 'RaceRoom' as the delta type then the Z1 software will use the delta timing supplied by RaceRoom when using that sim.

* The Z1 Server has been updated to include the Speech button options and the start/stop sim race button option.

* The Z1 Dashboard now creates an entry for a newly driven car the first time you get in that car. Previously you had to open the settings dialog while being in the car in the garage.  This caused issues for some sims, like Project Cars, Assetto Corsa or RaceRoom where you might not actually be in the garage.  This meant that the car would never show up on the list of available cars in the Car 1 tab, so you could not assign dashboards to it. This new way will make sure the cars are included in the drop down on the Car 1 tab regardless of if you were in the garage or not.

Download the demo today: http://z1simwheel.com/dashboard/demo.cfm