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August 26, 2019, 04:53:31 am


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Z1 Dashboard Software

Started by Russell Hodgson, March 12, 2014, 09:02:46 pm

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Russell Hodgson

We have just released version 4.4 of the Z1 dashboard software! It includes a lot of new features and improved functionality over previous versions. It also includes the latest version of the Z1 Server software (version 1.2) and the latest version of the Z1 Analysis software (version 1.1) - See this thread for details on the Z1 Analyzer: http://members.iracing.com/jforum/posts/list/3325582.page

Here are the release notes for this version:
* Compatibility with Codemsaters F1 2015.

* Improved connectivity with the Z1 Server to better handle lost packets. This should alleviate disconnects or freezes if the network connection is temporarily lost.

* The track map car dots now display the driver's position in the race/practice session in the center of the dot.

* Added option for automatic shift light (LED) illumination based upon the car's redline. There are 4 options:

All 80-98: illuminates each shift light (LED) individually going from left to right, with the first one illuminating when you reach 80% of redline, and the final one coming on at 98% of redline.

All 65-98: illuminates each shift light (LED) individually going from left to right, with the first one illuminating when you reach 65% of redline, and the final one coming on at 98% of redline.

Grouped 80-98: divides the shift lights (LEDs) into 3 groups moving from left to right. The first group is illuminated at 80% of redline, then second at 90% and the third at 98% of redline.

Grouped 65-98: divides the shift lights (LEDs) into 3 groups moving from left to right. The first group is illuminated at 65% of redline, then second at 80% and the third at 98% of redline.

* Added an option for the default way shift lights should be illuminated when assigning a dashboard to a car. The five options are the same as the above options. The default is the All 80-98 option. This will ensure the shift lights work properly with all cars across all dashboards. You can change this settings in the display tab of the settings dialog. Note that you can still update shift light illumination points manually once you have assigned the dashboard to a car regardless of this setting.

* There is now an option for the three Impala style stock car dashboards to use the pit lane speed limit to determine when to illuminate the pit speed LEDs in the tachometer. This is on by default, but can be turned off by unchecking the Auto Tach checkbox in the Car 2 tab of the Settings Dialog. Note this is only available for sims that supply the pit lane speed limit.

* The pit info dashboard (which is displayed by default when the pit limiter is engaged) now shows the distance in feet or meters to your pit box. Note currently this is only available for iRacing.

* The five stock car dashboards will now display the distance to your pit stall when you enter pit lane. Note currently this is only available for iRacing.

* There is now an option to turn off the text scaling for the track map 1 dashboard driver positions. This is located in the Track Map tab of the settings dialog. Turning the scaling off will display more drivers in the driver position area of the Track Map 1 dashboard. The larger the window used, the more drivers will be seen.

* A total of 8 forward gears are now supported in the Car 3 tab, allowing you to customize when the shift lights illuminate for up to 8 forward gears (as well as neutral and reverse).

* Updated all plugins for more data transmission.

* Fixed an issue with iRacing where the driver's car might not be properly tracked between sessions (such as going from a qualifying to a race session).

* Fixed an issue where the Car Class option within the Track Map tab was not saving properly.

* Multiple changes and updates to text rendering.

* Fixed a bug with rFactor 2 where delta times were sometimes inaccurate.

All current users should get a message on their software alerting them to the new version and how to get it.

The demo can be downloaded here: http://z1simwheel.com/dashboard/demo.cfm?source=KRP

Russell Hodgson

Here's a brand new Z1 LCD touch-screen in black gloss with Carbon Fiber ready to go to its new owner! This is a great way to display the Z1 Dashboard software on your racing rig.

You can check out the options here: http://z1simwheel.com/dashboard/trybuy.cfm?source=KRP

Russell Hodgson

One of the great features of the Z1 Dashboard is that you can switch between dashboards on the fly.  You can have up to 10 dashboards assigned to a car. These could be various track maps, or car dashboards, or telemetry, or timing & scoring, or a combination of all of them.

To switch between them just map a wheel or button box button to 'next' and another one to 'last'.  It is that easy!

To make things even easier for you, all cars have 6 dashboards assigned to them by default:
1) The car's main dashboard
2) The track map dashboard
3) The timing & scoring dashboard
4) The telemetry dashboard
5) The adjustment dashboard
6) The pit stop dashboard

It another way to Z1 Dashboard makes your racing more fun and exciting!

Download the demo today: http://z1simwheel.com/dashboard/demo.cfm?source=KRP

Russell Hodgson

Did you know the Z1 Dashboard software can be run multiple times simultaneously? When you run the software you create what is known as an "instance." If the software is running and you attempt to run it again, you will create another instance of the software, and end up with two windows both running the software. You may create up to 6 separate instances.

The advantage of multiple instances of the software is that you can have different dashboards displayed on each instance and can position each one wherever you need it. For example you could have four instances all running simultaneously. One instance could display the main dashboard for the car; another the Track Map dashboard; another the Timing and Scoring dashboard; and another the Telemetry dashboard.

Download the demo and try it out today: http://z1simwheel.com/dashboard/demo.cfm?source=krp

Russell Hodgson

If you've got a laptop or Windows tablet (or even a second computer) you can put it to work running your Z1 Dashboard or display live telemetry with the Z1 Analyzer.  The Z1 Server allows you to broadcast your sim's data across your home network!

In addition to the sim's data it also broadcasts your button inputs, so the Z1 Dashboard can respond to them just as if it was running on the same machine as your wheel or button box.

The Z1 Server comes with the Z1 software package and is the perfect way to make use of that extra computer, laptop or Windows tablet!

Download the demo today: http://z1simwheel.com/dashboard/demo.cfm?source=KRP


I d/l the demo, it worked.  I ordered the LCD Screen. Awaiting it's arrival.  Well worth a look.  Price has been reduced too.   :)


Pending update from Z1 for restoration of compatibility with KRP (broken since beta15 or there about).



Unfortunately still pending to be fixed with the new Steam releases.

Russell Hodgson

Version 4.15 of the Z1 Dashboard is here!

Highlights include:
* 9 new dashboards included
* movable track maps
* updates to existing dashboards
* new automatic shift light patterns
and more!

We know everyone loves the new dashboards, some here are a sampling of the new ones:

911 RSR Dash 1

911 RSR Dash 2

911 RSR Pit Dash

Stockcar 2016 Dash 3B

Stockcar 2016 Dash 6B

Existing users can see their download options here: http://z1simwheel.com/dashboard/MyDashboard.cfm

New users can get the demo here: http://z1simwheel.com/dashboard/demo.cfm

Here is the full list of release notes:
* Added 4 new stockcar dashboards.  These are Stockcar 2016 Dash 1B, 2B, 3B and 6B.  They are versions of the stock car 2016 dashboards formatted for 480x272 ratio displays. This allows users that use square displays as opposed to the wide screen displays to still be able to use these dashboards.

* Added 5 new dashboards associated with the Porsche 911 RSR.  These are the Porsche 911 RSR Pit Dash, and the Porsche 911 RSR Dash 1-4.

* There is a new setting in the Track Map tab. This is called 'Track Style'. It can be set to Static or Moving. Static is the default and displays the track map from above as it has always been displayed.  This option will include the sector overlays if desired, the directional arrow, the wind display, the pit stop loss overlays, the pit lane if defined, and all other competitors.

The new Moving option displays the track map from your point of view.  Your car is always located at the bottom center of the display and the track map revolves around this position. This option will display the pit stop loss overlays and all other competitors. Note because the track map moves around and not all parts are always visible it is likely that the pit loss displays will be off-screen and therefore not visible.  The sector overlay, pit lane, and directional arrow are not displayed in this configuration in order to reduce CPU load.  Note that this option may have a slightly negative effect on FPS within the sim as it is more CPU intensive as we have to recompute and redraw the map every frame.

Selecting the 'Moving' option will override the 'Render With' setting to always be 'Vector'.

The new Moving option is available for all track maps, except Track Map 4.  This track map will always show the track from the static top-down view.  This allows you to have both a moving and static track map in your dashboard rotation.

* There are 4 new automatic shift light patterns.  These illuminate the shift lights from outside to inside.  Previously all automatic patterns illuminated the shift lights from left to right.  These new patterns are called 'All CTR (80-98%)' which illuminates each LED individually, starting at 80% of max RPM until they are all lit at 98% of max RPM. 'All CTR (65-98%)' which illuminates each LED individually, starting at 65% of max RPM until they are all lit at 98% of max RPM. 'Grouped CTR (80-98%)' which illuminates the LEDs in groups, starting at 80% of max RPM until they are all illuminated at 98% of max RPM. 'Grouped CTR (65-98%)' which illuminates the LEDs in groups, starting at 65% of max RPM until they are all illuminated at 98% of max RPM.

* Multiple updates to the Kart Racing Pro interface to implement speech output, provide sector timings, update data logging, and many other small improvements.

* Updated to work with the latest version of Kart Racing Pro.

* Added Cylinder Head Temperature and Fuel Level Percentage to Kart Racing Pro data logging.

* Updated the RaceRoom track creation to allow for inconsistencies in various RaceRoom track center spline lines.

* Cleaned up several of the dash names to better group them together in the Car 2 tab drop down.

* Several graphical and informational updates to the Kart 1,2,3 dashboards.

* Now reads air and track temps, and weather conditions from Kart Racing Pro.

* Data Logging now records cylinder head temperature for those sims that support it.  This is currently only Kart Racing Pro.

* The Z1 Server will now allow you to cycle through multiple IP addresses if they are available.  Most computers will have a single IP address.  That is the one that the Server will connect to and display.  However on some machines there could be multiple IP addresses due to virtual systems, backup IPs, or other possible reasons. In these cases the Server will display a count next to the IP address.  It will say 1 of 2 (3,4,5, etc). By default it will always choose the first IP address to register against.  However sometimes that can be incorrect. If you are finding that the Dashboard can't connect and that the Server has more than one IP address option, then on the Server click on the IP address in the display.  It will change to the next IP address.  Try entering this address into the Dashboard to see if it can connect.

* The Audi R18 dash has been updated to include percentage bars displayed along with the battery charge and battery deployment per lap displays. This should make it easier to quickly glance at these levels while racing.

* There is a new setting in the Track Map tab called 'Fill Dots'. This is on by default.  If you turn this off, then the dots used to display the car locations on the track maps will not be filled in. This can make it easier to see the track map on longer tracks, where the filled in dot map cover up some of the detail.

* There is now an option in the Car 1 tab called 'Auto Fuel Dens'. This sets whether or not the fuel density is automatically determined based on data from the sim.  It is on by default. If you turn this off you can then enter the fuel density for the car. The fuel density is measuring kilograms/liter.  It is 0.75 by default for all manual entries. Currently the only sim to supply this information is iRacing.

* Updated various dependencies related to graphics and display to improve performance and stability.

* The Project Cars 1 and Project Cars 2 network connectivity options have been combined into a single drop down where you select the version you would like to connect to.

* Small updates to the rally cross dashboards.

Download the demo today: http://z1simwheel.com/dashboard/demo.cfm

Russell Hodgson

Version 4.15 of the Z1 Dashboard has just been released.  You know what that means - new dashboards!


There are a total of 9 new dashboards this time, 5 for the road cars and 4 for the oval cars.

On the road car side we have 5 various displays for the 911 RSR.

And on the oval side we have 4 versions of the digital stock car dashboards which are formatted for the more square 480x272 displays.

So of course we want to show them off and that is what this video is about. We drove laps using each of the dashboards so you could see them in action.

You can download the demo here: http://www.z1simwheel.com/dashboard/demo.cfm

Russell Hodgson

As the Z1 software has evolved over the years it has become far more than simply a way to display dashboards. Yes there are over 120 dashboard now, but it also includes track maps, telemetry, pit stop advice (when should you stop, where you'll be after the stop, where your rivals are when you are stopping - or have they stopped?), tracking of other drivers in the race, various garage stall screens.

You also get the full-fledged telemetry analyzer of the Z1 Analyzer (providing you with easy to understand information on becoming faster and more consistent, and comparing yourself to thousands of other laps.).

And of course you can use the software on networked computers using the Z1 Server.

So with all these features we have updated the home page of the Z1 website to hopefully better show and explain the features.

Please take a look: http://www.z1dashboard.com

Russell Hodgson

Introducing the new SMZ1 Top Gun wheel. This is the flagship SMZ1 wheel. Designed for those who want a top of the line wheel by the legendary Sam Maxwell, it is fully integrated with the Z1 software.

Adjustability, precision, ergonomics, all wrapped in a stunning package.


Featuring an adjustable bite point on its left clutch paddle for precision launches, easy to reach premium commercial grade buttons, thumb dials, and rear facing toggle switches this is the one you want. You're driving fast on track - make sure you've got the best wheel.

Adjustable left clutch paddle bite point
2 rear mounted toggle switches
13 front mounted buttons
2 thumb dials
2 rotary dials
Dual clutch paddles
Two shift paddles
4.3" touch panel display
15 shift/DRS lights
6 secondary warning lights

The SMZ1 Top Gun's beautiful carbon fiber finish features makes it not only an incredible wheel but also a work of art. And with just one USB cable it won't clutter up your sim rig.

For more information: http://www.z1simwheel.com/smz1/topgun.cfm


Russell Hodgson

We've just release a small patch to the Z1 Dashboard. This is version 4.15.1. It fixes a bug that could cause the Z1 to crash when you cross the S/F line if you had data logging running. This bug was most noticable in RaceRoom.

The demo can be downloaded here: http://www.z1simwheel.com/dashboard/demo.cfm

Russell Hodgson

It is that time again - the latest versions of the Z1 Dashboard, Z1 Server and Z1 Analyzer are now available!

The Z1 Dashboard version 4.16 is now here!

The big update in this version is support for Project Cars 2 using their UDP stream.  We spent a long time on this running thousands of laps, and hope that you enjoy the integration of the Z1 Dashboard with Project Cars 2 UDP.

We've also added various new features, such as flashing the background when the pit limiter is engaged, more tire information on the Tire Dash, and redesigned the Car 2 tab to allow for more information to be included.

The new ZOD2 data format has been introduced for Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 1 & 2, RaceRoom and rFactor 2.  This new format allows for much more accurate lap times and sector times as well as adding additional data.

A huge thank you to all the beta testers for the input and testing on this latest version!

You can download the latest demo here: http://z1simwheel.com/dashboard/demo.cfm

Here is the full list of release notes:
* Added support for Project Cars 2 UDP mode. To select this mode you need to select Project Cars 2 UDP in the Z1 Network tab, and make sure the checkbox to the left of the Project Cars combobox is selected.  In Project Cars 2 go to the Options section and click on the System box. Set the UDP Protocol Version to Project Cars 2. Set the UDP Frequency to one that works for your system. A setting of 1 sends the data at the highest frequency, and a setting of 9 sends it at the lowest frequency. The lower the settings the better.  But too low could mean your network gets overwhelmed and things actually slow down.

Note that due to how Project Cars 2 send the UDP data we cannot request specific data. Instead we receive the data when the sim decides to send it. This means that some data, such as the driver name, car, track, and opponents are sent when you enter the track in the sim, and then at varying times afterwards.  Because of this it is vital that you have the Z1 Dashboard running before you start Project Cars 2.  Failing to do this could results in a long wait before the Z1 can determine which car you are driving, or which correct track, or the correct list of opponents.

Note that due to how Project Cars 2 send the UDP data it does not always send the signal that the sim has exited when you exit the sim. However it does cease sending telemetry data when it exits.  Unfortunately it also ceases sending telemetry data if it is paused. Because of this we determine if the sim has exited by calculating the time since any data was last received. If that is more than one minute we assume the sim has exited.  You can adjust this time limit in the Network tab of the Z1 settings dialog.

Project Cars 2 UDP mode only supports the new ZOD2 telemetry data logging mode in the Z1 Dashboard. Please keep this in mind.  You must have the ZOD2 mode selected in order to record telemetry from Project Cars 2 UDP.

* There is a new setting called 'Data Log Mode' in the General settings tab.  This lets you choose if you want to use the new ZOD2 file format or the older ZOD file format for data logging.  ZOD2 is the new default and in most cases you should not have to change this.

* Assetto Corsa, Race Room, Project Cars, Project Cars 2, and rFactor 2 now support the new ZOD2 data logging file format. (This new format improves accuracy of lap times and sector times, as well as adding additional data.)

* There is a new setting in the Car 1 tab called 'Limiter Flash'. This can be set on a car-by-car basis. When set to the 'Pit Limiter' it will cause the background of the dashboard to flash when the pit limiter is engaged.  When set the 'Pit Lane' it will cause the background of the dashboard to flash when you are in the pit lane. The color used for the flash is the Pit Limiter Color from the Car 2 tab. Note that the sim has to support the pit limiter or pit lane data for this feature to work.

* The Car 2 tab has been redesigned for better layout. There is a new scrollbar that you can used to view all the options in this tab.

* You can now set the warning levels fuel level, fuel pressure, oil temperature and water temperature for the dashboards that support them.  This is done in the Car 2 tab.  Note that each individual dashboard can have different settings for these values. They do not have to be the same for all dashboards on the car.

* Updates across all sims to improve accuracy of lap times and sector times.

* Updates to the rFactor 2 plugin to allow for more accurate timings. (Make sure you update your plugin.)

* In previous versions of the Z1 Dashboard in order for the buttons assigned to speech options to work you also had to have that same option selected in the Speech tab. For example to make the button assigned to announcing your position work you would have to have the automatic Announce Position option selected.  This would mean your position was announced every lap, and you could also have it announced when you pressed the assigned button.  This has been changed, and you no longer need the option to be selected in the Speech tab.  This allows you to have the desired information spoken when you press the assigned button without also having it spoken every time you cross the start/finish line.

* Added a new debug option for Tracked Drivers.  This will output data on saving and loading tracked drivers as well as copying paint templates in iRacing.  This setting is available as an option in the Debug drop down located in the General tab of the settings dialog. It should help people diagnose issues with saving or loading of tracked driver lists.

* The Tire Dash will not only display the camber information if the sim provides camber data. This will remove unnecessary data for sims that don't provide it.

* The Tire Dash will not only display the tire surface temperature information if the sim provides the data. This will remove unnecessary data for sims that don't provide it.

* The Tire Dash will now display the tire carcass temperatures if they are available from the sim.

* Tire carcass temperatures are now available in iRacing. Note they only get updated when you pit.

* There is now an button assignment option that will let you minimize and restore the Z1 Dashboard window. This option is located at the bottom of the Button tab under the Min/Restore title. Scroll down to see it.

You can download the demo here: http://z1simwheel.com/dashboard/demo.cfm

Russell Hodgson

We released a small patch update, version 4.16.1 of the Dashboard.  This fixes a couple of bugs:

* Fixed a bug in Project Cars 2 UDP that could cause the Brake Bias screen to be permanently displayed in some cars.

* Fixed a bug in the ZOD2 telemetry file creation where it would not save in any location other than the default documents/z1dashboard location.

You can download the demo here: http://z1simwheel.com/dashboard/demo.cfm