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Share Setups ingame

Started by intre, December 06, 2010, 10:49:14 PM

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Hi there!
Is there a option to share setups ingame, e.g. it is in Live for Speed or iRacing?

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December 07, 2010, 10:22:11 AM #1 Last Edit: December 07, 2010, 11:26:56 AM by PiBoSo
Yes. It is possible.
Open chat dialog, then on the top right you can open a second panel with the list of connected clients. Click on one of them and then on the "Send Setup" button.


Intrepid // TM // Dunlop (KZ2)


Guys, could someone share their setups for Lonato on KC1? I'm a very new to racing sims, don't know anything about setups, just some basic stuff for rFactor cart sims, but KRP is a whole different animal...I'm doing 46 with standard setup + some tweaks. I just want to compare it to mine and get the idea how camber, caster and ackermann are working as well as a drivetrain. I would be greatful is someone will post it here or send to my mail andrewtaran@yahoo.com

T.J. Koyen

The first step I made when I first got the game was to widen the rear out all the way. It makes the kart way more stable at apex.

Generally, widening the front, adding caster, negative camber, and more Ackermann are going to give you better turn-in. Too much caster will cause the kart to break free mid-corner. Higher gear will give you better pull of the corner at the risk of hitting the rev limiter on the straight if you go too high. You usually want to run the lowest gear possible that still allows you to roll off the corners well. If you can get through the corners better through improving the handling and driving better, you can drop gear and go faster on the straights.

Seat movement seems to change the balance quite a bit in the game as well. Moving it back stabilizes the rear end and moving it up gives better rear grip mid-corner.

The handling and adjustments in the game are very accurate it seems to their real-life counterparts.
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T.J. , thank you very much for your recommendations! Now I will have some basic info about setting up a kart! Kuodos!!!