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Started by PiBoSo, March 08, 2011, 10:30:50 am

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Starting from Beta2, to try to increase compatibility with Windows, all data is saved under "My Documents"\PiBoSo\Kart Racing Pro
If you prefer to have everything saved in installation folder, edit core.ini file ( located where Kart Racing Pro is installed ) and set compatibility to 0:


If you have a multi-monitor setup and want to output to a monitor that is not the primary one, add the following lines to core.ini:



To change the format of the saved screenshots:

format = JPEG

Allowed formats are JPEG, JPG, TARGA and TGA. JPEG is the default.


November 19, 2013, 12:29:42 am #2 Last Edit: November 19, 2013, 11:29:55 am by PiBoSo
Starting with Beta10, framerate is capped at 200.
To change the maximum frames per second:

cap = 200

Any value over 1000 or under 10 disables the cap.

Please note that the minimum frame length in milliseconds is rounded to the previous integer.
This means:
120 -> 8.333 ms -> 8 ms -> 125 fps
85 ->  11.765 ms -> 11 ms -> ~91 fps


Starting with Beta14, it is possible to grab an offscreen screenshot pressing the F10 key.
It is possible to change the resolution and multisample setting:


The image is saved as TGA into "hrsshots" directory. The user interface is not rendered.