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Additional Improvement

Started by Karter85, August 06, 2013, 03:35:50 am

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Hi just wondering if Piboso can add/fix the follow stuff maybe even in the next release which will be the ''final one'' :
- ''general chat'' where players can see each other and talk before enter in each room.
- ''play with modded categories online'' allowing the categories built from modder (like DD2, X30, etc.) which mean that the server must recognize these category (right now is impossible play due to category unknown to the server).
- no limit in additional modded categories (now we can add only 4 more and then the list became full excluding the others)
- add the night version of at least the main tracks with artificial illumination.
- adjust the screen (where you choose the kart, where is written ''connected'' which mean loading and the screen where is written garage and to the track) and stretching the him untile the left and right border, cause right now the screen is centered but the sides are black.
- i have noticed sometimes that the game crash, the mouse Arrow became stuck and then go to the desktop, i have very good machine with last grapichs driver and no error in the system, maybe because is still beta.
- i have noticed that the kart just sometimes turn easily on himself even if you are still and steer on left/right.

This for now.



I wanna specify that play with modded categories in ''Open Categories Mode'' where everyone can choose different one.

Birel-Rotax 42

Concerning the issue with modded karts, you might not have the same version of the mod as the server. That does cause those issues. Always be sure to update to the latest version in order to ensure that you will be compatible with the server.