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Apple device Dashboard

Started by James Beer, July 25, 2013, 09:26:00 PM

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James Beer

July 25, 2013, 09:26:00 PM Last Edit: July 27, 2013, 04:27:04 PM by Intrepid James
In a day or so i should have a beta version for you all to try (a few minor tweeks and it should be ok), keep an eye on this space ;)

Just a word of warning the app does cost 3.59 but i works for

    GT Legends
    GTR 2
    GTR Evolution
    Game Stock Car
    Race - The WTCC Game
    Race 07 + AddOns
    Race On
    Race Room - Racing Experience
    Race Room - The Game
    STCC - The Game
    STCC2 - The Game
    Project CARS
    rFactor 2
   Kart Racing Pro

In theory it should work for all piboso's titles providing you have the correct official .dlo installed but dont hold me to that as this hasnt been tested

please download this file:

you will also need the proxy plugin for kart racing pro from piboso, please insert the .dlo into the plugin folder in the krp directory.

to setup its pretty straight forward, just follow the steps on the app, if you encounter any problems just ask as i can help



Custom Track work

Piers Prior

legen-wait for it, and i hope you're not lactose intolerant cause the next word is-dairy ;)
The world is your lobster

James Beer


James Beer



To download all my dashes, airboxes, tracks, and more
click here or see my personal website

James Beer


James Beer



thanks but the app cost 3.59€ !

James Beer

yeah thats the only downside, but look how many games it works for


yes thats true, i think i will buy the app
because i have an Ipod Touch V with a great screen !

James Beer

yes its great because you can use it on most apple devices , if you have an ipad its ideal

Bayley Bell

I want to buy this app, but whats it called?

James Beer

its called SinSpeed, if you need there website search for subsonicpulse.de


Just switched from iHUD for iRacing to your app.  Works great and love that it supports multiple games in one app.