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June 17, 2021, 06:54:43 AM


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Started by NOP, July 21, 2013, 09:41:34 PM

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Pentti Hilkuri

Excellent! KRP was the last sim for me not having dash app. And now it's here. Gonna try this asap. Good job NOP!

chris tkr

Its fantastic! i love it  ;D
4-stroke master :)


This is awesome dude works totally great on Galaxy note and note 2.

Would it be possible to have a display similar to that of SmartyCam or even GT5 where can see break and throttle input? would also be nice to be able to add other parameters like egt or even o2 if thats something that can be emulated hahahaha.

Great job with this app and keep up the awesome work.

Question: Can this app host results or data for more than 1 driver at same time?


Just tested this on my Nexus 7. Works superb, good job!

James Beer

got a android tablet coming next week, will be good to try this out :)


what ever i do i just can't get this to work i have followed this to the letter i have a samsung tab 3 set up through wifi to my hub with the androiddash and the plugin ini with the same ip.


I've just tested AndroidDash again with Beta10 and it works without problems.

Here again the important configuration steps:
(After installing the app and copying AndroidDash.dlo + AndroidDash.ini to your 'C:\...\Kart Racing Pro\plugins\'  folder)

Mobile device:
- Start AndroidDash at your mobile device
- Press 'Get device IP' and you see something like
- Note the IP. In this example:

- Edit AndroidDash.ini (don't touch AndroidDash.dlo). For my example it should look like this when finished:

- Make sure that the file is really saved and that you didn't change the extention to AndroidDash.ini.txt because known extentions are hidden in your explorer. (If you have problems to save, run the editor as administrator)
- Start KRP, run testing or race and go 'To Track'

Mobile device:
- Start listener -> should become grayed out and say 'Connected!'
- Pick Layout at the right side, e.g. 'Formula renault 2.0'
Now you should be ready to go.


Thanks dibu it was the 5000 on the same line as the ip.


Brilliant work! Thank you so much! :)
CRG - Rotax DD2

Vladimir Shestakov


Hey dibu i think that new overlays would be amazing for the app like mychron4,  unipro, alfano,etc,  but it is a great app, very good job


Quote from: fmaisonnave on December 19, 2013, 05:37:15 PM
Hey dibu i think that new overlays would be amazing for the app like mychron4,  unipro, alfano,etc,  but it is a great app, very good job

All honours go to NOP/Random. He's the author of the app. I was only beta tester.


This seems cool and I would love getting it to work, but it doesn't seem to want to. It shouldn't matter how the host PC running KRP is connected to the network, right? My PC has an Ethernet connection to the same LAN that my Android phone (Xperia Z1 Compact with Android 4.3) is connected to via WiFi. And in fact when I start an FTP server on my phone, I can connect to it from my PC fine, using the same IP address I configure the plugin with, so there shouldn't be any network issues.

I believe I have everything set up correctly. The plugin files are in the plugins subdirectory, the INI file looks like this:

Still, I can never get past the "Waiting" message of the listener. It never manages to establish a connection. Seeing as the last posts here are from a while ago, is it possible that something changed about the plugin interface and it doesn't work with Beta 11 anymore?



please can you update your link because of dead download link