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Kart setups and SODI

Started by Peyo Peev, January 24, 2014, 10:11:47 pm

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Peyo Peev

Hi guys, i don't have experience with KF3 or the other karts in real life, i have only driven the rental Sodi's from the local track and the karts in the game feel very unnatural to me with the baseline setups or what ever i try to make them close to what i have experience whit. I want to use the sim for some pratice, but it just feel it very arcade, the kart has so much grip and the back cant let go. Even with some trail braking it just snaps back with some counter-steer.

If guys can give me some info about setuping the kart in KRP or why i have made this judgement that the kart doesn't behave realistic i'll be very greatful.