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how to set-up lan party

Started by rigo77, June 24, 2013, 05:47:27 AM

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Am curious how to set up a lan party or 2 to 3 players without going online. It is not convenient to be online as our net here is not as great as other parts of the world (sigh)  :-\

Anyways a simple walk-through or explanation would be most appreciated. If it is possible, thanks.

Birel-Rotax 42

Are you referring to lan, as in Local Area Connection? If so, everybody will need to log into your wireless network.
1. Go into "Race" tab in KRP.
2. Click "Host Local"
3. Put in settings... ex:

  • Name: Lan Race
  • Max Clients:5
4. Set up weather, track class, etc.
5. Hit "Start" button, and see if the people can see the "server" in the local tab.
They WILL NOT see it if they are in the "world" tab for multiplayer. This will only work if they are connected to your Local Area Connection (LAN), meaning that they must be on the same WiFi network as the person "hosting" the "server".
Hope this helped!


Hi. I think I might be a bit late, but nonetheless here it goes.
You can also create a lan party without people connecting to your network.
Basically, everybody can be at their home and play lan over the internet.
Just use Tunngle (everybody has to have it) and in the simulation area you will find the Kart Racing Pro game.
Every player needs to enter it, then open the game, and one of you has to create the server in "host" (you can set a password).
When the server is created it will appear to others, so all they have to do is join.