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Data Mismatch

Started by brillo76, May 27, 2013, 10:47:05 AM

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Help, When I try to connect to server Quick Race # (any number) I get error Data Mismatch.
How can I do?


Thanks for the answer.
I have overwrite the file kart.exe but the problem still remains.
I connect to the server.
It says connected but after that it says data mismatch.
Sorry for my english.
How can I do?


Never happened to me.
Are you trying to connect to the official servers?


It happens when I tried to connect to Quick Race#0 (Quick Race#1 Quick Race#2 Quick Race#3 Quick Race#4 Quick Race#6 Quick Race#6) Server


Same problem for me, and I also have changed the kart.exe file. I run on Windows 8 if that can be the problem.


the kart.exe file fixed that problem here.
I'm running windows 7 x86

Piers Prior

it works fine for me and i run windows 8 so that isnt your problem ;)
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