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Game crashes with plugin right after "Draw()" function is called!

Started by Bison, April 16, 2013, 08:39:54 PM

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I have a plugin that works fine with the Beta7, now I'm trying to run it with the Beta8b. It loads without any problems ("RunStart()" is called properly), but the game keeps crashing right after the function "RunStart()" is called. This happens just after I click on the "To Track" button.

By the way when I remove my plugin DLL (plugin.dlo) from the plugins folder, the game works just fine.

Any ideas?



Actually it is the "Draw" function that crashes the game! I removed it from my plugin and now everything is working fine :)
However I presume that there is a bug with this function? For the information, I declared the function "Draw" as an empty function, just like in the "krp_example.c" file.

Note : I modified the title of my post to reflect this.