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World Formula 4 stroke kart

Started by Profl, September 16, 2014, 12:04:46 PM

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Hello everyone,

About the Kart: The World Formula engine has around 17hp and a rev limiter at 7100 rpm on normal sized karts with hard tyres(I used the tyres from the mini60 to match it).

I created the World Formula class based on the Subaru class from  Of Course, thanks to him for letting me do this and his nice model :D.

Download v1:            https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0Zr5Ong9aZ4aUFFM3B6UjlDc2M/edit?usp=sharing

If you have any suggestions or you found any bugs don't hesitate to post here or pm me every feedback is welcome.


there not 17 bhp are u mad!!! there slower than cadets!!! there really slow karts and where at the same pace as a pro kart
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Theyre not that slow, drove them for 3 years. In my experience they have around 14 to 14,5 horsepower.
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The Briggs and Stratton website says 12. I drove it for a year, and compared to Rotax and TaG classes, those engines truly are slow. 17hp is a bit much IMO.


Thank you for the feedback, I did some testing before release and tried to optimize the kart and engine to give the closest expierience to the real ones. The current setup was the closest i got to sim laptimes and real ones. I should have mentioned above that I used the german version of the engine that has originally 15 hp.

I stated that this kart has more than 15 hp, because I gave the engine ingame more power to match real lap times. I only matched the german tracks we have in krp.

I can create a new one to the original Briggs and Stratton power from their site (around 12hp) and tweak this one to 15hp, so we would have two versions the US and german version.

I also wanted to come around and create the engine for krp if the community wants it and I find the time to do it.

Thanks again for the feedback and next time I will be more precise in the description.


Dont forget, you should be 3 seconds faster in krp than real laptimes, to match them for further updates. For example, in gerolzhofen you are 3s faster
But in sarno you are 6 seconds faster.. So try to compare with that

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No, they dont have 15hp. In germany my experience around1hp less.
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here in Brazil we run this engines but they have 21hp...