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Is this a bumper-car game?

Started by alike, July 08, 2013, 10:13:54 PM

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HamletBandit (tonykartmini)

they never drive backwards they just bump


Quote from: Tonykartmini on July 10, 2013, 04:45:30 PM
they never drive backwards they just bump
Yes, this is true. HamletBandit and TheKoreanWombat, aka Ralph, are fast. Its just that when you drive with them, and you accidentally tap one of those guys into a spin, they go nuts and cut the track just to ram you as hard as possible. Then, on the dedicated mini60 servers with the standing starts, on the warm up lap, as they approach there grid spot, they get crazy and once in a while ram people who are already sitting on there spot, waiting for the race to begin. All you have to do, is not get in there way.
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thats pretty stupid......"All you have to do, is not get in there way." You shouldn't have to stay out of there way, if you do by chance end up in there way, they should ask you politely to move, not just ram you and be douches, don't you think?

HamletBandit (tonykartmini)

hi im hamletbandit me and korean wombat are deeply sorry and feel so bad to the extent we even contemplated suicide in regret due to reading this post please forgive us?


I am deeply sorry lets turn the leaf over (or branch if necessary)

HamletBandit (tonykartmini)


I'm locking this topic so it doesn't go off. I just wanted to shed some light on the issue, and I hope to see a more professional conduct from the players involved from here on.

Thank you all far participating and to HelmetBandit and Wombat; I hope to see you both online again for some clean and fun racing :)

Best Regards