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WSK Winter Serie sign up!

Started by Jakob98, November 15, 2012, 07:50:32 PM

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Alex Materna

hi i want to sign up for the next race.
Alex Materna
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sign up is over since a few weeks.

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Why not open it in the time between the races?


Quote from: laraarsa on December 25, 2012, 09:28:28 AM
Why not open it in the time between the races?

its like in real races.
have time from date 1 to date 2 and then only guest starts..
thats the rules.
but i had the idea for a wsk master series (world championship)
and then i make some space between 2 races in the middle of the season for later sign ups!

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I'm French so I have a bad english, I'm sorry. I play to simracing since some time, in Rfactor I take part at Endurance Inside, it's a endurance championship, and some championship sprint race. I practice karting in real life, I have a website : http://www.florent-richard.com and I play to KRP since 1/2 years I think.

I have download beta 7 yesterday and I would like to join a serious championship, but I miss the first race.

So I want to know if it s possible to join your league now ?

Thanks and I hope to see you in track !



nice text man respect but have you read the rules? there will be a world championship for krp insumemr and me and marco dakic started a krp league but i cant say exact things about it, it wa just a small idea we had.
please guys aleays read our rules before you ask to sign in!
this isnt meant evil its just.. yeah we havent made those rules for nothing.

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Yes I have read rules ! Otherwise I would not have posted here. I know that today it's difficult to organize a serious races in KRP, but I think with 6-7 or maybe 8 drivers serious we can have a good race !
So that's why I'm allowed to contact you because it's that I search.

Sorry for my very bad English, but it's good for me for my bachelor !

So it's possible to join you or no ?

Thanks !


Why you are so strict on that rule but not so on maybe more important ones?

C'mon let excited people join in as your league has been frankly said a flop...
My place for example is free because I have signed out.
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sorry but the problem is when i now say okay come in that all the other guys want to come,too and we want to follow the rules we made. i thought about a addon for the rules that its possible to join in a few days for a few days ( lets say 2 weeks).

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Racin jason

Quote from: Jakob98 on November 15, 2012, 07:50:32 PM
Hey, here can you sign up for the WSK Winter Serie.

First race will be on Wackersdorf  at 8 PM GMT time on a Sunday 25/11

sign up if you want to race her
Write name, number and what paint you drive!

hey can i still sign in for the following races?


please read the rules! at the moment its possible in the addon thread.

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