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Video Challenge

Started by RacingDreamz, September 15, 2012, 05:51:45 AM

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Racing Dreamz has been given an opportunity of a lifetime. The TORC off road racing series has invited Racing Dreamz to submit a TV quality 60 second commercial. They will play this commercial several times during their last race of the season. This race will be the biggest in history. The Rick Huseman Memorial Cup race. This is where that BOTH, TORC racers AND Lucas Oil off road series racers, will be on the same track to honor Rick and Jeff Huseman, who died in a plane crash last year. This race will be live streamed to millions of off road and racing fans world wide the weekend of September 29-30.
However, we do not have a 60 second commercial. So, here's our challenge. We know there are a plethura of very talented video producers here on this forum. If you can produce a TV quality 60 second commercial for Racing Dreamz, the winner will have their work aired during this race weekend. All weekend. You make put your credits on the video. If you are interested in doing this, and I apologize for the rush, please email me for more information and the general idea of the video. As I said, this is an opportunity of a lifetime for both of us. You as a video producer and us, Racing Dreamz, as a young non profit organization that helps disadvantaged kids thru racing. I hope you will take this challenge. Thank you.

Email for more info at: info@racingdreamz.org
Ben Jones
Founder, Racing Dreamz