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Kart Racing Pro release9b available! :)

X-Sim Motion Support

Started by SimRacer, January 07, 2011, 02:25:26 am

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I have been talking with the developers over at X-Sim about supporting KRP. There is some progress happening, please see the following thread.



WoW! That would be awesome when Motion and Bass Shakers via X-Sim were supported!!!


The guys over there have a working plugin available for testing.

@piboso the developer at xsim had the following issues:

- Gear values shows always zero
- yaw,pitch,roll velocity values does not make sense, if the car stand still they are greater than zero
- autodetection does not work, the functions for start and stop are not called?
- the values are averages over 40ms. I read this in the acceleration description.
Instead of a averaged value a median value should be used in a simulator output, else the output is delayed because of a middle value.


Please check that structure alignment for DLL compilation is set at 8 bytes.

Only acceleration is averaged over the latest 40ms. All other values are unfiltered.


Ok I will pass that on. I think they would like the acceleration to be a median like they say for accuracy. Is that a possibility?



I can confirm that both the x-sim developer and myself both have all the above things correctly set. We are both experiencing delays in the telemetry, he the acceleration values and I the speed.

Moving forward, Timing accuracy of the telemetry is very important for our projects. At this stage the x-sim dev's look like they don't want to support KRP until the timing is spot on. Are there any plans for development of the telemetry system in the next release?


Could you please explain more about the delay issue?
You get telemetry data with an accurate, evenly spaced, timestamp. But the plugin function is NOT called with a fixed timing.

Are the values ( yaw, pitch and roll velocity and gear ) correct now?


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Quote from: PiBoSo on January 11, 2011, 02:56:15 pm
But the plugin function is NOT called with a fixed timing.

Could this be the problem? For the hardware to be correctly reacting to what is happening in the sim the telemetry needs to have up to the moment data. Is the timing always slightly behind due to the plugins not having fixed timing or does it require more frequent data reads of the sim data?

I mentioned that I saw it happening with the speed but now also know that its happening with the RPM also. If i take off from the pit for instance, I takes a second or two before the speed is output even when there is speed showing on the kart wheel screen in the sim.

Quote from: PiBoSo on January 11, 2011, 02:56:15 pm
Are the values ( yaw, pitch and roll velocity and gear ) correct now?

For me, Yes. Not sure about the x-sim dev, but regardles of that, we are both experiencing the same delay issue.


There is no delay in output.
Please check your source code.


Quote from: PiBoSo on January 14, 2011, 12:53:09 pm

There is no delay in output.
Please check your source code.

Here is the code that is used for the x-sim plugin. Both the developer and I can't see why this code would be responsible for delays or any other issues that are being experienced. It would be great if you can point out any issues as to why this approach would be causing the delays.



Has there been any movement on this project? This is a really great game. I would love to have it working with motion.


There were some concerns from the x-sim dev guy that there is some delay in the telemetry. I saw this too when I ran a very simple test app. Not sure about the state of it all now. I would also like to see them implement it so I can use it on my SimXperience setup :)


Should that plugin be working? I tried it but the X-Sim Profiler doesn't get any input data except for my joystick


I have not tried it. I think that's a question you might need to post over in the x-sim forum. If you make any progress let me know!


Hello !

What news about the plugins for X-Sim ?

I have downloaded the last version and found "KartRacingPlugin.dll" in the Plugin directory...

I started to develop my own plugin... And transfer the telemetry in via a file.
It's a positive experience.