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What chassis do you drive?

Started by laraarsa, October 26, 2011, 07:14:56 PM

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Arrow X1E (Yamaha Supercan) and CRG Black Star (HPV)


Arrow X1E Great Australian kart, yamaha KT100J, blueprinted by woodgate racing.
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last year i drove Birels on BMB kf3 engines

Nathan Dunnett

Monaco GP4 with a Yamaha S, but that's going to change before the end of the year hopefully.

The kart in my picture is a Redspeed Nordik (red tony kart) with a Yamaha J, but that was a borrowed kart, only raced 1 title meet and gave it back.


arrow x1 cadet (midget) rookie kart

Falling for kk like


i have a Omega magic with a Yamaha KT100J motor. Omega is a rare brand started in South Australia.             im gonna get a new sticker kit for it soon :D


Arrow AX8, Yamaha J and Getting a Clubman or KT100S soon hopefully


Arrow AX8
For Clubman Light

Dont know About 2013 yet


I have MS Kart RCA 26/A. Next chassis will be MS Kart Blue Falcon.
Kimi A. #24
MS Kart with Rotax Max

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James Beer

2006 Intrepid cruiser with fr125 junior rotax Engine