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TRACK TUTORIAL from 0 (Under construction)

Started by Aritz, July 15, 2012, 05:22:49 pm

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Sure!  Thank you so much for taking a look.  Hopefully, it's something really simple/stupid...

For the MAX file:


For a zip file containing the (I was hoping) complete track folder for KRP:


Again, thank you as I really appreciate any help anyone can extend to get this track out to the community...

- Junfan


December 29, 2014, 11:00:32 pm #31 Last Edit: December 29, 2014, 11:20:16 pm by Junfan
Update on my track creation dilemma...

evolution-kart was kind enough to look at my files, and immediately noticed that I had not renamed a lot of my objects correctly in 3dsMAX.  Also, the trees were probably not made in the best way possible.  Last night, a group of KRP'ers put our minds together, and we seemed to zero-in on the object-naming convention.  SO...

I tried renaming the objects (and there were quite a few objects that needed renaming).  Once I did that, I also renamed the trees as "WLLTYRE" objects.  A funny thing happened...the exporter would generate a .trp file, but not a map file, no matter what.  I thought it might be the tree-naming, so just to test it out, I saved a MAX file without any trees.  This time, both a map and collision files were generated.  The map file opened in Map Viewer, but TRACKED immediately crashed as soon as I went to View>Race data.

So just to revert back to where I was, I downloaded my MAX file from mediafire - this one I knew could generate files that open with the track tools.  Again, I proceeded to rename the objects, leaving the trees alone.  A .trp was generated, but no map file, no matter what.  The funny thing is that when I open the file in TRACKED, the trees do not show up (??).  Again, going to view>race data causes it to crash.  Next I'll try with the .trp and map files that I posted in mediafire, just to rule out that my track tools may be acting up.   I really have no idea where to go from here....

So if evolution or any other KRP track creating guru can rescue us from this and get our track in-game...you'll have a lot of US Northeast Rotax Karters super grateful (and one old enough to buy you a beer ;))


EDIT/UPDATE:  The old .trp and .map files (before fixing the names, trees, etc., per this post) do work fine with the track tools.  Must be something with the exporter?  I'm using 3ds MAX 2010, with the "EdfExp2010p.dle" plugin.



I tried it again with the old mediafire files.  I proceeded to rename the objects in the max file as before, only this time I did not use any numbering (i.e., instead of "TRKASPH_object1," I simply used "TRKASPH."  I left the trees alone with the name 3DS MAX gave them when I created them.  I also got rid of some unused textures.  This time around, the export worked really fast and both .trp and .map files were generated.

The .map file looked good in Mapviewer, and TRACKED did not crash.  I was able to create a new centerline (first segment a 10m straight, last segment a curve), merged it, generated terrain and was able to load the old .rdf file.  However...I now have the same error as before, where KRP crashes upon loading the track to drive.

I am able to choose the track, but after the "connecting" screen, there's not the usual picture of the kart on the stand in the pits.  The track looks fine in the replay viewer.
An acquaintance who plays KRP points to the pits and maybe the start/finish line as being the culprit, since it's weird that you don't see that picture of the kart on the stand.  Well, as far as I know the .rdf was created properly - but since I'm obviously far from an expert, this deserves a look by more experienced eyes. 

The other thing is the trees...I do not know how to make the trees the "proper" way as described to me by evolution-kart, but shouldn't I be able to leave them as is (and perhaps just rename them as I tried to before, as a WLL object)?

FWIW, I've updated the files in the Mediafire links, so now they represent my latest effort.  Thanks in advance, to any and all...



Further update...

I don't seem to be having the issue at all anymore - I had a very obvious naming issue with the objects in 3ds Max, which I've corrected, and now the track loads and is playable.
This is obviously early days and the track is in very much an "alpha" release.  I will continue to update the file available at the link in my first post here with my latest effort as the track continues to (hopefully) improve.  I'll start a thread when I'm happy with the results and am ready to register the track. 

Thank you for your attention, and especially to evolution-kart, who continues to help me with creating this track.

- Junfan