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Best Laps (Local And Dedicated)

Started by Fazza, May 09, 2012, 06:14:43 PM

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Local host implementation
Under the best laps page it would be nice to have another filter option that shows the best laps
from all the profiles saved on your computer showing thier times and names for each course
and also be able to export this data.

dedicated server implementation
it would be nice if the server could store a list of the top(10-100) fastest laptimes
this information could be used to display not only your personal best time but the server best time
on your hud/dash (possibly be able to set your dash to comepare server best or personal best to give you an indication of the server best splits ect)<<<<< THIS IS A GOOD IDEA PLEASE CONSIDER
and also maybe display the times either under the part where classification/analaysis is as server best lap times