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Racing Dreamz meeting with Johnson County(Tn) officials today

Started by RacingDreamz, March 10, 2012, 01:53:16 AM

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Maybe not right place to post this, but with Maxrod's and Evo's help, this came to be:

Ok, our meeting with the Johnson County(Tenn) mayor and his Economic Developement Director today went terrific. If the county's environment engineer signs off on the project, the old landfill site will be leased(at a very low cost) to Racing Dreamz. We will build our Sprint Kart track on that. 39 acres. Plenty of room to build a world class sprint track.
Johnson County is ready to purchase an 8600 acre site to have as an off road motorsports park. Racing Dreamz will be in on the ground floor here also. 250 acres will be allocated to Racing Dreamz for our off road track. So, a great day for Racing Dreamz and Johnson County, Tenn. . Plus, they will help Racing Dreamz lease a foreclosed house so we may put our headquarters and simulation training facility there. Looking good for for RD and youth racing.

Ben Jones
Founder, Racing Dreamz