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May 30, 2024, 11:57:23 AM


Kart Racing Pro release13e available! :)

Track Request Slovakia Ring

Started by Davide Faustini, April 17, 2024, 01:08:19 PM

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Davide Faustini

Can someone do for me the kart track Slovakia Ring, will take place there in June the CIK-FIA European Championship and I really need this track to train my drivers. (i`ll pay for it)
Davide Faustini


Hi, there seems to be a pretty good version of this track for rFactor2. In case you are interested, here is a link: https://gokartedzes.hu/elerheto-a-slovak-karting-center-az-rfactor2-hoz/


Hello  :D

does anyone know how to make tracks ? 


Quote from: Knath on April 17, 2024, 10:11:41 PMdoes anyone know how to make tracks ? 

Yup, quite a number of people do :) If you'd like to learn how, there are tutorials available in https://forum.kartracing-pro.com/index.php?topic=5800.0