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Setups, Advice

Started by Buzzard12, March 20, 2012, 09:21:43 AM

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Prepare yourself for a long ramble, the important stuff is in bold.

Kart Racing Pro is a realistic karting simulator, as we all know, and setup of karts in this game is important. As is the same in real life small changes can often have big effects, for example a small caster adjustment can be the difference around a corner between the inside wheel unloading and the outer wheels biting in and the kart sitting flat and sliding.

On any track I like to start with about 10 degrees of caster, this is generally a good starting point for anyone, but it is necessary to change these things around. Tyre pressures change depending on weather conditions and you gennerally have the same pressures front to back. Track width is important to change on some tracks, widening the front track width will give the kart less steer, making it less likely to slide on a double apex corner, the same can be true with the rear track although it can sometimes be a bit funny!

Everything else I would pretty much leave at its default value, that will normally suffice. I fanyone has any questions I will do my best to answer them.
Thankyou everyone. 
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