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Kart Racing Pro release11e available! :)

Australia / New Zealand Championship - Round 2

Started by JamieP, February 22, 2012, 01:00:03 AM

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Due to issues with the marbles crashing the game + some tracks having FFB loss at random times, we will be reverting to tracks without dynamic surfaces and are known to work well in regards to FFB. The dynamic surface tracks will resume once Beta 6 is released. Please check the calendar and rules update within the next week.

Round 2 will be postponed by one week and take place on 07-03-2012 due to the fact that someone has been using my bandwidth (@ 500MB+ per night) and I have been capped (64kbps) for this month. The situation has been rectified (and heavily secured) and internet plan upgraded but I am stuck on dial up speed for the rest of the month.

The scheduled track will be Russian Ring and the password will be sent on the morning of the event.

See you all on track




KEEN! I love Russian Ring. Wish it was a registered track though!