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December 10, 2019, 10:09:14 pm


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[KRP France] Round 2 Hotlap Championship 2012

Started by Fr33z3 X, February 20, 2012, 09:31:44 am

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Fr33z3 X

[KRP France] Round 2 Hotlap Championship 2012

First round starting today
Début de la premiere manche ce 20 Février

Track : Essay (France)
Category : T-KC1 / C-KC1
Public : Drivers registered on KRP France website

7 days for pratice your hotlap on this track !
Results of this round at Fabruary 26th

\!/ Prizes for the Podium and participants\!/


Results of first round competition : http://krp-france.forumactif.com/h1-classement-manche-1-championnat-hotlap-2012?tid=bca3f525bf92111a8918cb3d80126c0b

Com all, very funny !!  ;)
IA players on KRP ?? A best simulation !!

Fr33z3 X

End of second round Hotlap Championship 2012

A big battle between 11 players !
Results avaible online : http://krp-france.forumactif.com/h3-classement-manche-2-championnat-hotlap-2012

! Congratulations at drivers finalists and participants !
Mosts drivers = interesting competition

[KRP France]

IA players on KRP ?? A best simulation !!