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Exporter request

Started by PiBoSo, September 17, 2010, 12:14:35 PM

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Please post here to request an exporter for your favorite modeling software.


I use bobs track builder (basically 3Ds Max as you know) for racing surfaces, track layout and curbing with Google Sketchup Pro for trackside objects.

Those would be needed for myself to get started on some state side track layouts......

first take a poll of most popular US tracks and then start building the one that gets the most votes.


why us tracks? there is some very popular uk tracks and id say wuite a few uk/eu people play this


I Agree, Some of the best rated tracks are in the Europe..

Napalm Candy

I use Bobs track builder too. So the way to export is in directX, rfactor or Richard Burn Rally. Also... you can try to contact to the author of BTB (bobs track builder), because he wanted to do it compatible with many simulators.

If he don't want to do any modification to his BTB software, you can try to use the directX way to load directly to your sim? It is a lot of easy and fun to click on a export button and then try on the simulator without making any other modification in other program like 3D Max or so...

Shawn Campbell

I've also used Bob's Track Builder.  An exporter would be FABULOUS for that program.


Quote from: brt900 on December 07, 2010, 11:29:11 PM
why us tracks? there is some very popular uk tracks and id say wuite a few uk/eu people play this

because im in the us and i like to go to the track and measure it.  This way im not building some fictional "idea" of what i think the track looks like from photos of google maps.....i like to go to the track and actually drive on it first.......

Thats why i would like to do some "stateside" tracks.

I lived in Strausbourg,France for four years.... i know how many wonderful tracks there is in Europe...i mean no disrespect to them.



i need an exporter for 3ds Max 2010 64 bit.  Please.

i tried the 32 bit with no success.

thank you.


The best way for me would make a bobs track builder exporter or a way to easily convert over rfactor tracks.

Marco Dakic

Hello guys,

i had bobs track builder too.

I has relesed some karting tracks like Liedolsheim, Wackersdorf, Ampfing, Urloffen, Wittgenborn, Oppenrod and much more, my problem is only that i think for this nice racing game are the tracks to much LOW quality is anybody here who can works great with 3DS Max and can improve my tracks for this specialy game ?? it will be very great.

Greetings from Germany Rotax driver Marco Dakic  :)
3D Modeling :D


Hallo Marko  ;)

I can help you woth new track textures.
road,grass,curb etc.

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Quote from: PiBoSo on September 17, 2010, 12:14:35 PM
Please post here to request an exporter for your favorite modeling software.

For blender please. I'm building some canadian karting tracks now with blender, Thank you.



First of all thank you for your simulator.
I am creating my first track in blender because is the 3d program that i know how to use. Are there any posibility to adapt the exporter to the new version of blender? It is a good and powerful tool and also is free.

If it is impossible i will export my work to 3ds.


Would adore a program that will load up a 3d track from 3ds max, blender or any other popular 3d modeler program and automatically create the track to play in game.
Im using 3ds max/autocad at the moment, iv tired using bobs track builder but cant get used to it. I like to stay in 1 program when create tracks.