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February 01, 2023, 05:43:36 PM


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BRKart Tracks to Kart Racing Pro

Started by Adriano Augusto, December 26, 2011, 03:50:20 PM

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Adriano Augusto

December 26, 2011, 03:50:20 PM Last Edit: December 26, 2011, 03:54:27 PM by Adriano Augusto
Hello all. I made a BRKart mod for rFactor with Marcelo Pereira and other guys of BRDEV, and i tested some days ago a beta version of Kart Racing Pro.
I just can tell you that i loved it. it's some steps up than BRKart mod and i believe that kart Racing Pro is the best kart simulator that exist.
I made some kart tracks to rfactor, and maybe it can be converted to this simulator.

Some tracks:
Braga (Portugal) - 2 layouts
Clay Piggeon (England) - 1 layout
Dijon Prenois (France) - 2 layouts
Imperatriz (Brazil) - 3 layouts
Itumbiara (Brazil) - 1 layout
Londrina (Brazil) - 1 layout
Interlagos (Brazil) - 3 layouts
Muro Leccese (Italy) - 2 layouts
Pato Branco (Brazil) - 1 layout
Sepang (Malasia) - 1 layout
Bolder Shopping (USA) 1 - layout
Mika Salo (Finland) - 2 layouts
Po├žos de Caldas (Brasil) - 1 layout

i have a lot of more kart tracks around the wolrd with the job is almost fiished, like:
Picton, Palya, Barossa, suzuka and others.

What do you think about this idea?
My best regards.


I think if you give some pictures maybe the one or other guy gets motivated to convert them.

Basically they can all be converted (there is even a tutorial).


Adriano i think you forgot also Calgary,Canada.
That was my favorite track on rFactor karting.
A smooth race never made a skillful racer.


More tracks to be available in KRP? Awsome. The more the merrier

Adriano Augusto

ok, guys, maybe in a future i try convert some tracks.
My best regards.


A smooth race never made a skillful racer.

AJ Motorsports

Nice Adriano that sounds great. Maybe if you dont get time to convert them all some others on here could possibly help to convert them when they are not busy with there own projects.

(Would love to see Clay Pigeon & Interlagod converted)

Dan Buck

Quero ver criarem Aldeia da Serra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BRKart Mod is the only mod for rFactor that makes me thrill! ;)
If I die tomorrow, I'd be alright because I believe that after we're gone, the spirit carries on! :: If you no longer go for a gap that exists, you're no longer a racing driver.


I love Suzuka(Japan) kart track very much.
When can it done?
If you need about this track
pls let me know~
My friend is work in the Japan No.1 karting team.


Couple of request of Mika Salo Circuit has been said when I looked about Search. Is it too hard to convert it from BBKarts? Great track from Finland.