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sound management AND loading bar

Started by nicholasxuu, December 13, 2010, 06:25:39 am

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I can hear all sorts of sounds from all over the course.
Sometimes other people's engine noise is louder than mine,
While in sims like rFactor, etc.
sound can be adjusted in very detail.
ALL I NEED is the ability to lower other people's sound.

also, when loading. It feels as if your computer is dead, mouse doesn't move and the screen stays there.
I was feeling worried every time loading the game.
So, would you mind add a moving loading bar, or a simple animation telling the program is still running?



I agree on the engine sound. When someone else is near, my engine seems to go quiet. I listen to the engine when I'm driving.

Keep in mind we want to be able to hear the kart behind also. With no mirrors, it's hard to tell if someone is close if you can't hear them. Somehow there needs to be a different pitch or tone for your own kart since you are closer to your own kart's engine. It's probably hard to blend them.

If I bog the engine down in the corner, I will move over slightly and let the guy behind me go. But if I came off the corner real well, I'll hold my line and race him.

In a virtual race car, sights, sounds, and force feedback in the wheel have to replace the actual feeling that you would get in a real car or kart.

But, don't worry about this or adding additional features until the main problems are fixed. We can live with the sound. We can't live with the network issues.