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Started by cnt997, December 08, 2011, 02:50:42 AM

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Quote from: cnt997 on December 08, 2011, 02:50:42 AM
Is anyone going to buy this new karting program when it is released?
I have this one so dont need that one Rogenator    I do need an engine for my real kart tho lol (100cc) or?
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Ryan Harris

im certainly getting KartSim, no doubt.


Ryan Harris

lol, it has every class of kart that is available, there is off track activities, all the tracks are high detail. like, im all for KRP, but no one will really know until it is released, so dont say childsplay", you havnt even played it... plus, whats better, very high quality and long time spent making it, or, constant betas will very little changes and not super high detail. Kartsim has been in development for along time and the Quality is more important than releasing heaps of betas with little changes. just wait till it comes out then we will see for sure. i love KRP, dont get me wrong, its just my impressions on KartSim is that im very impressed with the details.


Well actually it was announced several times and delayed. I will definately test it. Kartsim looks absolutely stunning, but it has to prove quality. If you get what you see, it definately will be a strong competitor. I'm also curious abou those laser scanned tracks - btw nothing we could not integrate in KRP (BTB offers a system).


Hehe, Nitrox today you made me laughing when you showed the right way to the misleaded guy with the steereing wheel problems in the Kartsim forum. ;)



Haha yap that was a good laugh, but I was polite, weren't I XD


haha that was you?  >:( a- hole  ;)
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I think I'll have to create a krp topic in kartsim just to be fair  ;D

But I am not registered.


ya i agree, no one has played it yet, it says there is a gamemode where you can just be in the paddok no driving or anything like superstarracing, also it ooks like its gonna have more tracks, karts, and actual drivers from real life


Quote from: dibu on January 21, 2012, 11:45:30 PM
Already exists, read this:
Hehe ;)

LOL but why did that guy uninstall krp. But I guess if you don't notice the difference between these two, mario kart is the game of choice  ;D ;D


lol he say krp is dumb LOL

i guess because he don`t know how to handle a kart :D