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New Features Suggestions

Started by evo1087, November 04, 2011, 08:29:06 PM

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Piers Prior

I think race length should be chosen by number of laps or time rather than %
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It would be nice to have heats like in real life and you can chose to have like two practice sessions one with 7 min an one with 15 or have the same time. Then have time practice and heats and finals
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Piers Prior

Quote from: Andreas.L on December 19, 2013, 09:55:36 AM
It would be nice to have heats like in real life and you can chose to have like two practice sessions one with 7 min an one with 15 or have the same time. Then have time practice and heats and finals
The world is your lobster


starting from the pits for races also.
Everyone's thoughts?
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Quote from: EVO on July 09, 2014, 05:27:57 AM
starting from the pits for races also.
Everyone's thoughts?

Imagine the crashes before you get to the grid....


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                   +1  kart menu, could choose suits, gloves, boots, helmets, and karts separately  by Hispinkness Prior
                   +1  New Topkart/Intrepid/Mach1 body by LauZZZn
                   +1  Rain suit in wet condtions by Kimzu97

                   +1  Exhaust smoke at low rpm loads adds better 2 stroke feeling by Racehard and EVO1087
                   +1  Tire stripe on brand new tires which wears out by Racehard
                   +1  Engine wobbling and more bumps on tracks by ENNKT
                   +1  Wet tire shine when passing through wet areas by Aritz


                   +1  Arm motion for adjusting raditaor cover on track by Racehard
                   +1  Driving view adjustment by elude107, SimRacer, and EVO10
                   +1  Visible radiator coverup and chassis torsion rods removed when settings has them out  by EVO108                   

                        +1  Axle flex  and tire force absorbtion  by Airesisor
                          -1  When going into pit entry, it automatically takes you to the garage menu by CRGDK37
                         +1  Non warmed up engine failure by Josi
                         +1  Ability to change the angle of the seat  by  jnl.42
                          -1  Less steerring ability when using one arm  by oppolo
                         +1  Image of an actual caster/camber pill which you can click and rotate to a particular setting by Aritz
                          +1  Hub length and rim type (magnesium, aluminum) by jnl.42
                         +1  More axle options like super soft and different brands  (OTK axle will behave differently than CRG)  by jnl.42
                         +1  Lateral tire distortion by Racehard
                         +1  Possibilty to bend the axle  that causes a bounce by Thomas Lemoult
                         +1  Rev limit option by Rupe W
                         +1  Abitlity to adjust carb while drivng by EVO1087
                         +1  Graphic to help adjust seat and show dimensions referenced  the top lip from the axle
                                  distance from the bottom of the seat to the bottom of the chassis rails, front of the
                                 seat to the front bar on the chassis, or other measurements you would use to position
                                  a seat in real life  Seat its own page in the setup.  by jnl.42
                      +1  When the kart goes on grass it will slow it down by   LIAM-36-AUS

                         +1  Dynamic weather change during a session while on track.  Sun showering effect by Aritz
                         +1  Night races by Eslotes
                         +1  Dyamic day change: dawn, noon, dusk, night and possible to accelerate by Racehard                 

                         +1  Possible to change kart while in a sever without restarting the server by Iceman Marco


                          +1  AI Driver Options with great difficulty, aggression, also programmed to bump and defend their line. Also some crashes with other AI drivers.

Myles Rowe


+1 for Oculus Rift. I know it's only a development kit but it is amazing in iRacing.

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December 30, 2015, 05:53:22 PM #385 Last Edit: December 30, 2015, 10:29:12 PM by LauZzZn
Hi Piboso,
One thing i noticed that I find pretty annoying after switching karts etc is having to reset the setup every time i change class or track, especially to any particular combination I haven't used before - would it be possible to include a 'common' folder which you can access and load a modifiable setup to fine-tune for each particular track?

I understand I'm just trying to add to your huge list of things to do.... :P


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November 16, 2016, 12:43:48 AM #386 Last Edit: November 16, 2016, 12:48:42 AM by skynet83
I do like many of the things suggested in the list however i think all the physics and handling related things ..tyre, chassis, core game engine, FFB.. etc should always be top priority and should continue to evolve throughout the software's life. I also think generally there should be more tuneability in the force feedback like rfactor1/2 menu and ini file options. Not going to pretend to know much about it, but things like the low speed steering torque adjustment would be good to have.