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This thread is for new feature suggestions


If your suggestion is gone it is probably already in the latest release. If it  is missing from the list PM me.

STATUS: Updating to BETA 15b


* KZ1: If engine if off and a gear is in, the kart should stay still (not rolling down a hill)   by Dibu
* Non warmed up engine failure by Josi
* Option to tighten or loosen the floor pan in chassis setup  by jnl.42 and pMak
* Ability to change the angle of the seat  by  jnl.42
* Less steering ability when using one arm  by Oppolo
* Image of an actual caster/camber pill which you can click and rotate to a particular setting by Aritz
* Hub length and rim type (magnesium, aluminum) by jnl.42
* More axle options like super soft and different brands  (OTK axle will behave differently than CRG)  by jnl.42
* Lateral tire distortion by Racehard
* Possibility to bend the axle  that causes a bounce by Thomas Lemoult
* Rev limit option by Rupe W
* Ability to adjust carb while driving by EVO1087
* Should it possible to add some more Rear Sprocket's like from 63-75 and from 87-96 by Estoles
* Autotuck option by Rupe W
* Graphic to help adjust seat and show dimensions referenced  the top lip from the axle distance from the bottom of the seat to the bottom of the chassis rails, front of the seat to the front bar on the chassis, or other measurements you would use to position a seat in real life  Seat its own page in the setup.  by jnl.42
* A push button for pushing the kart left or right like there is for front and back.  That can only be pressed when the kart is stopped for when the kart flips by EVO1087
* When the kart goes on grass it will slow it down by   LIAM-36-AUS


* Possible to change kart while in a sever without restarting the server by Iceman Marco
* Download ghost from in-game system by  Rupe W, DjFIL, jd88x89
* Connection to server or testing mode progress bar  by Aritz
* See the tops times at any particular track are from the pits menu so you know how your doing at any track. For newbies it would be helpful to gauge your progress by RevTurk
* Server Chat room and ability to see who is in what sever in game by Intrepid James
* If the max setting is used the servers don't show up if your ping is not low enough( cruel, for high pings, but better for racers who are racing).  Or as you enter a server you go into a holding pen, where you go to your kart selection screen. Here is were your ping and connection is checked while your choosing your kart.... from here if your ping is good you get onto the server.....  by Rupe W


* Dynamic weather change during a session while on track.  Sun showering effect by Aritz
* When going into pit entry, it automatically takes you to the garage menu by CRGDK37
* Night races by Eslotes
* Dyamic day change: dawn, noon, dusk, night and possible to accelerate by Racehard
* Editable corridors length by Aritz
* More surface to map with varying grip, for instance gravel, and more asphalt  by Aritz
* More kerb grips to map  by evo1087


* integrated HDR, bloom, motion blur, etc. Currently RESHADE program is an option for newer PCs Evo1087
* Wet tire shine when passing through wet areas by Aritz


* Autoskin download by Estoles
* Option to chose KZ1 brake system on FS250 by ICEMAN Marco
* Rain suit in wet condtions by Kimzu97


* Tire stripe on brand new tires which wears out by Racehard
* Camera shake option by mdobrowney[/list][/list]

Four stork engine by ICEMANSA250

Luca VT250:
Four Stroke Engine

The Iceman Marco:

--- Quote from: Eslotes on November 05, 2011, 07:16:22 AM ---Four stork engine by ICEMANSA250

--- End quote ---

Why a -1? What does it matter is if there is another engine in the game. If you don't like it, you can choose not to drive with it. ;)



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