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create my first track but not appear in KRP

Started by ulfr333, December 30, 2022, 07:09:23 PM

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HI All,

I'm a french dad of a young kart driver. I've build a track into blender, export it with fbx2edf, MAP and colision.
Next, using tracked, i've make center line, etc...

then, i put my folder to standalone tracks folder, and steam track folder, but nothing appear in the game.

I also have instaled several download track, some appear, but some not.

i've read a lot a forum page, but nothing works for me unfortunely.

did you have some idear?


Hi, please copy the folder with your track to the following location: My Documents/PiBoSo/Kart Racing Pro/mods/tracks/

If it still doesn't show up in the game, please attach a screenshot with the contents of your track folder. Maybe you're missing some files there.