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Maybe not right place to post this, but with Maxrod's and Evo's help, this came to be:

Ok, our meeting with the Johnson County(Tenn) mayor and his Economic Developement Director today went terrific. If the county's environment engineer signs off on the project, the old landfill site will be leased(at a very low cost) to Racing Dreamz. We will build our Sprint Kart track on that. 39 acres. Plenty of room to build a world class sprint track.
Johnson County is ready to purchase an 8600 acre site to have as an off road motorsports park. Racing Dreamz will be in on the ground floor here also. 250 acres will be allocated to Racing Dreamz for our off road track. So, a great day for Racing Dreamz and Johnson County, Tenn. . Plus, they will help Racing Dreamz lease a foreclosed house so we may put our headquarters and simulation training facility there. Looking good for for RD and youth racing.

GREAT!!   ;D
i agree that the krp track would be too hilly up on the upper side of property.  that's why i chose it for the dirt track.  lots of bumps and hills for the off road buggys to climb.  can you make it for rfactor? 
the krp track on the lower end of property, do what you can to it.  make it technical rather than fast.  as this will be a training area.  we will hold events, but no high speed(45+mph) races. 
but do what you can for the dirt.  doesnt matter if its pretty rough.  as long as it's wide enough for at least side by side for buggys.  if you can smooth out the hills a bit that would be even better.  we will be using smaller buggys(10+hp) on this in real time.  but for sim, we'll be using rfactor baja buggys for training. 
whatever you can do, i'm sure, will be great.  :)
Evo, that's what I was talking about for our simulators.  :)
we've actually thought about getting old, unraceable kart frames, welding them to a flat platform underneath them, then hooking up at least a two axis motion motors.  older frames could be had for about 100+ buck, steel platform, about a 100, then the 2 axis another 2000.  with either a 3 monitor system or projector with 60" screen.  if we can remodel the house enough to put at least 3 sims like this in one room, we'll do that. 
thanks for the link.  i like that  :)
sounds good to me.  this will be a marketing tool, so whatever you feel would look good to potential sponsors of a non profit youth karting organization, lay it on it.  :)
once it is all finalized and everyone is happy with what they've done to it, we'll try to drive it and see how it goes for training.  if any adjustments need to be made for driving, we'll see what happens then. 
i just downloaded the beta 5.  i can drive virtually any sim vehicle, but i have to say, my wife did better at the testing 'demo' than i did.  :)
well mainly, we're just going to repair the house and renovate it into an office, etc. you can 'redo' it anyway you want.  take out windows, cover the bad boards on side, etc. put our logo on side of house to cover all the bad, whatever. any color you want to use for house.  or, if you have a similiar style bldg, use that if you want.  we may have to demolish the current building.  depends on how bad the damage really is.  also, what i thought about, along the bottom of sprint track, next road, all along the road, can you install a privacy type fencing but with advertising banners, etc.  if you want, you can go to our 'partners' page and lift any logos you want.  but mainly use the toyota themes.  this is who i'm really going to push for sponsorship. 
I dont know how to thank you guys enough.  It's really starting to look like it's going to come together.  Please be sure to ad your own personal touches to it.  Put your names on it.  :)
Also, if you can, visit our website and see what the programs are.  The William(Bill) Ross Off Road Program and the Todd Murray Sprint Program.  These two guys were some of my best friends, some 35+ yrs ago.  Both got killed in auto accidents in their teens.  Both loved racing but never had the chance to pursue any type of racing themselves.  So if you can, place an entrance to both parts of the tracks with some type of signage with their names. 
Again, I cant thank you guys enough.  When we get it actually built, both of you will be our guest, anytime, to drive the tracks.  :) 
Looking forward to seeing how this comes out.   8)
pit area would be at bottom, below the long stretch(start finish).  lookout towers could be scattered all over we we plan on having camera's at these locations for upstreaming the races and events.  please feel free to put your advertising there.  other advertising, if you would, place billboard/banners for Toyota of Kingsport and Lexus of Kingsport,  give me your email and i'll send some of our smaller sponsor logos for other advertising.
if you follow the trail from that area in the dirt track area, to the road in front, there is a house(will be converted to office/sim training), 2 barns and a lean to shed.  on the far right of the property, going up from the road all the way to the fence, that is the parking/pits for both sprint track and off road.  a service road(s) can lead to both tracks. 
yes, that would be the dirt track.  traction= very loose.  the pits would be below on the bottom right, across the fence.  i could not follow the terrain very closely when i first laid this out.  you have free reign to finish it.  just remember, these will be kids, ages 8-16, racing off road karts on this, so dont make it 'too' extreme.  :)
sorry it's taken so long to get back.  too many irons in the fire.  thanks again. if other questions, please feel free to email or reply here.  i'll be checking all night.
These tracks, while not real, yet, will be built.  I do plan on using both rFactor AND KRP for the sim training before the kids get into the karts. 
36 17'37.07" N
82 57'45.25" W  1214 Elev

This is the property that the owner is deciding now if he can donate the use of the property to us.  It runs from the street to the top of ridge.  Just below the first pond on the middle right, there is a fence across.  The sprint track will be below that fence row.  The off road track will be above in the more hill and wooded section. 
Once we can provide a video presentation to the owner, plus other potential sponsors, we can build the tracks per spec.  The designer of the track will get full credit and a receipt for their time and labor so then can use that for their taxes. 
But anyone or group can work on this.  We just need the sim tracks built for us so we can provide a realistic view of what the Racing Dreamz Foundation compound would be like.
I cant tell you how much we appreciate anyone volunteering to help us and the kids. 

The attached image is a very rough estimate draft I drew up on a Google satellite image.  Tracks do NOT have to be patterned after this.  Sprint track, I would like, should be at least 1 mile in length, off road at least 2 miles.

Thank you!!   8)
Racing Dreamz Foundation is a non profit in the U.S. that helps disaffected kids by offering them a better path in life thru kart racing. Currently we are looking at 90 acres to build our compound on. We plan on a sprint track about 1.25 miles long and an off road kart track about 2.25 miles long. We need someone to build our two tracks, virtually, then export to rFactor or Kart Racing Pro. I want to make videos of the tracks so we can present them to potential sponsors. Also the person with the land may donate the use of the property. I want to show him, thru rFactor, or Kart Racing Pro, what we would be building. i have the GPS coordinates to the Google Satellite image of property. If anyone could please use us, that would be great. If you are in the U.S., I can send you a receipt for your time and labor and you can use it as a tax write off.
I have tried using Bob's Track Builder and I actually dont have the time to sit down and try to figure it out. I dont expect a whole lot of scenery or anything like that. Just two simple course's, asphalt and dirt, to show sponsors. If anyone can help, please let me know at:
Thank you very much
Ben Jones
Racing / Re: Looking for KRP drivers
June 08, 2011, 05:44:08 AM
After finally getting my wheel working and trying it out in demo without sound, I found it to be more difficult than what I'm used to.  Now that I do have my sound fixed, I plan on running some laps to see how it goes.  I have no knowledge of kart setups at all.  I do well with rFactor. :)  Yes, that was sarcasm.  Seriously, looking forward to racing with you guys in the very near future. 
Support / Re: can you use a wheel
June 08, 2011, 05:40:28 AM
Got my wheel working.  Only to find that my sound was out.  Got it fixed now.  Let's try this again. 
Thanks for the help. :)
Support / Re: can you use a wheel
May 31, 2011, 03:26:30 AM
Thank you..