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Track Editing / Tracks material setting
January 03, 2011, 09:17:19 PM
Hi to all,

i've done some track for Nascar (OldRing) with Sandbox, netKar (Crystal Palace, Vallelunga, Watkins Glen) and rFactor (OldRing ... also converted from other guys for GTR, GTL and F120xx).
Now, i would like to do some work for kRP but ... where can i find info about track material setting for 3DSMax ? Parameters for standard, bump, specular ald/or other ...

i'm working on a italian track : Nizza Monferrato - Italy http://www.pista-winner.com/pista.htm. Currently i'm drawind 3d layout using standard material setting parameters.

Last question about centerline : centerline is created by tracked ?

Thans to all (and sorry for my english)  ;)