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Kart Racing Pro release12 available! :)

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Paints / SodiKart 2014 (Release) (FP7)
January 12, 2015, 10:10:36 AM
( All credit for the gloves, boots, and base alpinestars suit goes to Sam19)
Over the past couple days, I have been making the 2014 SodiKart, for the Birel 2015.
I do still need to add a few little logos, but it is basically done, and I am willing to make it available for the public.
The quality is a bit terrible in the photo, but is a fair bit better in game, feel free to leave your thoughts on the skin, and there is going to be a pack with different flags on the nosecone coming soon.

DOWNLOAD LINK!!! - https://www.mediafire.com/?wiyu6ojmrauei5h

Installation Path
Windows (C:) -> Program Files (x86) -> Kart Racing Pro ->  bodyworks -> paints -> fl_2015
For beta 13/Release 1, I think it should be possible to roll your roll back and forward on the grid, by a driver animation of him putting his hands on the rear wheels and yeah..
Example - from 55 seconds until the race start in this video, you can see the drivers doing it

I think it would look cool in photos and if the tyres did stick to the track causing the kart to get a bad launch, that feature would be insane, but one step at a time :)  and I do understand that we already have the bump forward/backward but yeah...this is cool.

So, when you have your bodywork in 3ds max, what you are going to want to do is name:
The nosecone -    fbumper
The left side pod -   sidepodleft
The right side pod -  sidepodright
The rear bumper - rbumper

Doing that, will make them be able to fall off, but not collidable yet.

To make them "solid" You are going to have to go into the bodyworks " GEOM " file.
Scroll down and you will find this

      numboxes = 3
      box0 = 0, 0.11, 1.0, 0.4, 0.16, 0.12, 0, 0            ( the front barrier) 
      box1 = -0.35, 0.11, 0.9, 0.38, 0.16, 0.12, 0, 0.65 ( Not sure if left or right side, PiBoSo is going to have to clear this up for me)
      box2 = 0.35, 0.11, 0.9, 0.38, 0.16, 0.12, 0, -0.65 ( same as the above)

With Box1 and Box2 I haven't exactly perfected what each section ( section meaning  0, 0.11, 1.0, and so on) does yet. I have found that the first set of numbers ( which happens to be 0) in box0 is the very front collision barrier.
It trial and error kind of thing so far, it is unlikely you will get it right the first time, but I hope this helps    ;) :D ;D
Track Editing / Circuit Móra d'Ebre!
December 12, 2014, 01:57:25 PM
I plan on making  Circuit Móra d'Ebre, if anyone has photos of the track, and its surroundings, feel free to send them to me.
- Update ( added photo)
Racing / Italkart KartSport Dr!v3r skwl
November 13, 2014, 10:41:13 AM
I am run skwl drive night friday, c u ther, bring ur cartz.
w3 teech u 2 set ur cart 4 1 corn3r ov da trak.

I am serius
Bug reports / ...shader glitch in game?? need help...plz
November 07, 2014, 05:50:38 PM
Sooo I started my game and shit happened

Is it just a simple re install fix or nahh?
Other Addons / Outlaw Kart (WIP)
October 29, 2014, 03:17:24 PM

Other Addons / Understanding Shaders.
October 28, 2014, 04:06:55 PM

With the shaders, to make things look "chrome" I do not understand what any of that means, and how you apply it, if anyone could help...(PiBoSo...)
That would be delightful.
So, a short while ago, I saw that the Sim Karting World Championship server had a few people in it, so I decided to go and have a gander at who was in it, and I planned on practicing for the up coming event, I joined the server to find JesusRB, Hugo Hernandez, lluc ibanez and Alberto in the server. I then asked for a setup, they didn't give me one ( no biggy ), so I went out on track and this happened!!!


There was a few more times they had taken me out, but the replay ran out and I didn't get to save it.
JesusRB's signature on the forum is "Sorry to all now i'm going to race serius" ( http://i.imgur.com/OpzFycG.png )
I would of hoped that he was serius ;) when he said it, but obviously not, as him and his little friends are still managing to ruin the online experience for other users.
I am very disappointed with JesusRB and the way he has acted, I do hope him and Tupakart apologize for their actions, its never too late to apologize lads.
Suggestions and wishlist / Beta 12 Suggestions!
July 30, 2014, 02:10:19 PM
In beta 12 or what ever the next version of this game is going to be, I think all the karts and engines should be upgraded to the latest specs.
It would be good to have the up to date version of everything on this game, I understand it won't just take a little while to do, but it will be worth it  ;D
Racing / Open Performance Series
February 26, 2014, 03:03:59 PM
Hey guys, thinking about putting an open performance series together, and it will be ran on the SKWC server.
Open Performance will have karts such as:
Twin ARC ( made my Matt McLean and myself) - only confirmed kart so far

Other karts that could be interesting are listed below:
twin leopard
twin rotax
over powered, but not unrealistic F100's
SuperKF ( revs a little bit higher than the KF1)
Basically if we could get a field of at least 10 committed drivers together, we could plan this out and run it after the current SKWC series. So basically comment below if you would be the slightest bit interested to race this. It could be fun.
Just a few things that could improve things with KRP:

The Ability to bend side pod bars up and or down - So if you were to go sliding into someone, your side pod would bend up, with the bar, instead of the body work just falling off, because in real life, how often do you really see side pods falling off when you clip a wall? and quite often you will see bent side pod bars :)

*not too sure about this one, it is kind of already there, but could be a bit better* - Rear bars half dropping off - if you got some ones nose cone stuck between your wheel and rear bar and pulled it on the one side, you would be able to see it dragging or something along the lines of that.

Rubber marks on sticker kits - It would be awesome to be able to see rubber marks and stuff on sticker kits, it would just make it more realistic.

Bent Axles - I know it would be kind of hard, but the ability to bend axles would make the game a lot more interesting, so people didn't just smack curbs, and if they do, and land wrong or what ever, they  would have to drive with a bent axle ( until they go back to the pits).

Make it harder to bend spindles/stub axles - They bend way too easily D: The only time I have ever bent one is when I have full on slammed into a stopped kart, other wise, I have never bent on by just tapping another kart, its a bit ridiculous in krp how exaggerated the damage is on the object.

This is more of a setup thing, being able to change hubs, front and rear, it would make setting up the kart a lot more interesting :).

That is all I really have for now. I do understand that there are more important things than this ( like netcode ) but if it is going to be a sim, in the end, it will need these things, Im sorry PiBoSo if in some way this offends you, but it just has to be suggested or put out there again :).


Paints / Paint Suggestion
February 01, 2014, 05:28:04 PM
Im not sure if I am posting this in the right area, but I think PiBoSo should maybe make the generated numbers on the CRG lower, they are too high and maybe a little bit too small there they are now, I am trying to make a sticker kit and the front number play is where it is meant to be in real life, but the number is generated at the very top and only just in the plate area. So if there is anyway it could be lowered or anything? that would be great.
Support / Crashing on Kart Selection
January 26, 2014, 03:55:04 AM
Hey guys, Im pretty sure this has been posted before, but I couldn't find where it was posted, but basically when ever I got to change karts my game crashes, so I have to go into my Documents and change it manually. Does anyone know how to fix this?
General Discussion / Thoughts on Beta 10
November 11, 2013, 06:56:36 PM
So I just got beta 10, did a hand full of laps, it is amazing, PiBoSo, you did an amazing job on this beta, thank you for putting in all the effort. The karts feel really really good :) This is my favourite beta so far :)
hopefully everyone else posts their thoughts
Support / 403 Forbidden?
August 11, 2013, 10:13:12 AM
when I try to go onto http://kart.marianley.de/ it comes up with 403 Forbidden? any ideas why?
General Discussion / Rotax Testing?
August 08, 2013, 03:46:29 PM
I just looked on the stats page- server list, and I saw someone testing a "RotaxJR"I was just wondering if anyone knew who it was.
....I think for the next beta/version of KRP piboso should make it so you can put your arm over the radiator and it like arms up the engine....so it acts like radiator cover... but it would look mean as
Support / NEED HELP!!!!
July 07, 2013, 05:08:42 PM
Ok, so I have downloaded Beta 9 for my computer I just got back ( I had all my krp stuff on it, and the computer got wiped so everything was gone, so I played on my old laptop) and I installed KRP, and when I go to open the game, it comes up with "kart.exe has stopped working" ....I had tried to run as admin and that didn't help, has anyone else had this problem?
first race meeting as a senior, pretty happy about my results http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYQiGmA4HZU