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October 22, 2020, 05:19:52 AM


Kart Racing Pro release11f available! :)

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Support / How to make custom paint for karts
April 22, 2020, 12:46:58 PM
Im a newbie to modding.
I have the templates from the download page, but I noticed that there are multiple files for all the different parts of the kart.
Once you have made your mod, how do you combine them all into one file?
Thanks in advance
General Discussion / Re: Engine downloads
January 25, 2020, 11:16:52 PM
Thanks for that Raise,
Sorry for my ignorance, but could I please get the link to the SKM forum.
General Discussion / Engine downloads
January 25, 2020, 01:35:55 PM
Hi all,

Just wondering if there is a download page for the engines that have been uploaded through the years like there is for the tracks?

The links in the engine mods are not available.

Quote from: Raise on September 02, 2018, 05:32:26 PM
If you're using fbx to edf then that's probaly your issue I've never used that to export and not had issues
Im new to all this.
If you shouldnt use fbx then what is the best way to export from 3dsmax 2016?
I fixed that problem.
Now it loads but there seems to be too many objects, like grass, walls, signs. All at different heights, some in the air or some going through the track.
You can drive through them too.
And it all seems to be around the pit area.
Have I done something wrong in the exporting of the file
Once you can manage to get out of the pits and drive through all that rubbish then the rest of the track looks ok.
Track Editing / need some desparate help
September 02, 2018, 03:55:22 PM
Have made my first track
Loaded it up in KRP.
It loads up but there seem to be mixture of layers. like a track is loaded up onto  another track.
some parts of the track are ok but other parts seem to to have a jumble of different objects that you can drive through or way up in the air. There seems to be too many walls and grass and so on but all around the pit area.
How can I fix this.
Thanks in advance
So I have done everything as per the tutorials and have saved the file in the track section of game
But when I load the game up with that track everything is black.
What have I done wrong now?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Your problem is that you have some flipped polygons :)

Thanks for that mate. It sorted the problem.
Another question
How do you need to name buildings in 3ds max to have them come up in map viewer and tracked?
Thanks for that guys.
I realised how stupid my question was after I posted about the 2010 pluggin.
I have been able to figure it out and have exported the files.
But when I review the track in mapviewer and tracked, some of the textures are only visible from up top and some only form below.
What am I doing wrong in 3ds max to cause this and how can I rectify it.
Hi everyone.
Just started doing some track moding, well actually started about 3 months ago.
I have been using 3ds max 2016. Just finished everything off.
But not sure on a few things.
Do you need to make those spawn cubes in the pits/start/timing as the forums say in track mods for assett corsa? Or do you do that in tracked?
Also, will the export plugin 2010 for 3ds max work in the 2016 edition?
I have just started using 3ds max to make a race track. Its my first time trying to do this.
I have made the track but now I want to add the pits, pit entry and exit and the inner roads.
How do you do this?
Any help would be greatly appreciated
General Discussion / Re: Network Play
May 08, 2018, 01:58:07 PM
Quote from: PiBoSo on May 08, 2018, 12:18:18 PM

Kart Racing Pro -> Race -> Host Local starts an event that is only visible on the LAN.
General Discussion / Network Play
May 08, 2018, 01:55:45 AM
Is there anyway you can network 2 pc together to play in multiplayer without having to go through the internet and host?
Track Editing / Re: Editing a Track
May 06, 2018, 01:20:42 PM
no worries. Thanks for letting me know.
What is the going rate for track building?
Quote from: Cory_Hayes on May 06, 2018, 01:02:49 PM
Quote from: babakesky@hotmail.com on May 06, 2018, 01:01:14 PM
Its a track that I have downloaded.
There is no way that I would capable of doing what you guys do.
I could probably spend a life time trying and wouldnt even come close.

If its a track that you have downloaded, then the original maker of the track has to edit the track, no one else can.
Track Editing / Re: Editing a Track
May 06, 2018, 01:01:14 PM
Its a track that I have downloaded.
There is no way that I would capable of doing what you guys do.
I could probably spend a life time trying and wouldnt even come close.