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Paints / Re: Paints installation
May 11, 2012, 02:07:32 am
Where can I put the psd?

Here's a jpeg that can be just dropped onto a layer for the moment anyway. I've left on the UV liines and numbers incase anyone wants to use that as a guide aswell.
I slapped the numbers in, so I could easily/quickly find what block I was working to, and how far through the lines need to cross.

I hate counting :D
Paints / Re: Paints installation
May 08, 2012, 09:54:00 pm

I'll have to clean up the psd a tad first :D
I like to play around with a lot of layers, and the numbers for each join were just scribbled in too.

I had another idea for a method that could work for complex lines going into the top section. I'll give it a go, see if it works and let you know
Paints / Re: Easy Painting Tutorial
May 08, 2012, 09:45:00 pm
Quote from: CRGDK37 on May 08, 2012, 09:04:20 pm
When i exported them i saved them as like CRG_Body edited.tga so i knew which ones were what.

You'll have to take the "edited" part off the tga before packing

I left my psd's with names like that, but saved the driver.tga etc to a new folder named with the new skin name, so I knew where to look with painted, and keep them apart from any other versions
Paints / Re: Paints installation
May 08, 2012, 03:11:59 pm
Yup, I used the UV layer, but was still a pain guessing the angles that the lines etc would meet up.
Made me wish I'd bought a helmet with a far simpler design :D

I ended up making a layer where I numbered each join of the helmet top and side, so i knew which section each line would cross and how far across it.

I don't have any Karting boots as yet, so I've used yours from th TK template at the moment :D Hope you don't mind!
Also used your TK kart template, just so I can see where things sit exactly before I update.

Thanks for posting the templates etc by the way! VERY helpfull!

Again, no idea why the suit wasn't showing before. It just seemed to, WORK when I gave it another go. Very strange

Here's how it looks for the moment anyway.
Suit is Sparco Jarno.
Paints / Re: Paints installation
May 07, 2012, 11:27:44 pm
Nevermind. For whatever reason, it's working now. No idea what the problem was, as I didn't change anything.
Voodoo magic or something

Managed to paint up my Sparco Jarno suit and get it working without an issue now.
Paints / Re: Paints installation
May 07, 2012, 04:41:47 pm
Hi Guys,

I'm having an issue with putting the kart suit into the game.
I've downloaded as EVO's TK suit as a test, so I can see where everything on the psd sits before I edit my own suit into the game. (front of leg/arm etc)

I've used paintEd on the driver.tga file I made from EVO's psd, and placed the .pnt file into karts/paints/t folder.
No joy in the game though. I only get the option for base, and official.

I've been looking through the forums but can't figure what I'm doing wrong or missing so any helps would be great.

On a plus note, I've Managed to paint up my Helmet in PS (Nori Haga replica), and for a first effort, it lined up a hell of a lot closer than I thought it would (My brain was sizzling when I was trying to guess where the lines would meet up) :D
A few small tweeks needed, but overall I'm pretty pleased. Never tried doing 3d stuff before :)