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October 25, 2020, 08:18:51 AM


Kart Racing Pro release11f available! :)

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Track Editing / Re: Skusa at the Rio 13
July 03, 2013, 03:13:37 AM
Not sure if you guys/gals are aware, but i also made the very 1st Super Nats track, Xplex some years ago.
very accurate, and good quality, also they used this track for many Championships over the years, 2004 was the last year they used it for the US Rotax Nats.
feel free to convert if you like, or maybe it's already been converted...lol  I haven't checked.
Track Editing / Re: 2012 CIK-FIA Suzuka Kart Track
February 15, 2013, 11:31:57 PM
yes i used that video also, but you will notice that they used 2 buildings, the original building i made , then they added a 2nd building for that race here you put the original tower....lol

here is the track on normal race day, without the extra tower added.

Track Editing / Re: 2012 CIK-FIA Suzuka Kart Track
February 15, 2013, 09:35:39 PM
not sure, as i haven't seen any video's of this conversion, but it looks like in the screenshot that the pit building is in the wrong place.
it is located at the beginning of the pit stalls. or maybe you added more stalls.? i have pics of the real track if you want them.

Track Editing / Re: New Castle Motorsport Park WIP
February 15, 2013, 12:09:04 AM
the track has been released for rF1, not all versions, but you do not need all rF layouts to be finished to get all layouts working in KRP.
Sounds good, hope it all turns out ok...
i have released New Castle, but only with 1 layout, you may grab it at my site, or wait until rFc posts it.
i will add more layouts when i get time.. they are there, but in rF you need to make AIW's for every layout..
not sure how that works in KRP.

here is the direct DL for the rF version if you want to convert it.

Track Editing / Re: New Castle Motorsport Park WIP
January 05, 2013, 11:59:19 AM
well i think he is referring to the OKC track not New Castle, as i have not released New Castle yet.
and all my Bob Track Builder files have been deleted, so no changes can be made.
and yes the curbs are in the grass on this track also, as most American tracks are.
these are not laser scanned tracks, i'm just using google earth to trace them, then videos to try and get the elevations.

why do you need the panel lengths changed.? i'm guessing for smoother corners.?
i try to hide the corner connections with the curbs, as i did a much better job with this method on the Suzuka track.
as i am learning more and more every new track i make.
Track Editing / Re: New Castle Motorsport Park WIP
November 20, 2012, 12:26:18 AM
hahaha... i'm sorry.. i know it's the 1st track i started and now the last to be finished.. i get so distracted by other projects.
now i just have been too lazy to finish it up.. all is needed are the pit and grid spots. there are many different layouts to this track,
i would like to do at least 3 of them.. but then again, i've been lazy.  i'll try to get some motivation to complete it soon.
here is the Mediafire link.. the other worked for me.

yes rF1
Oklahoma Motorsport Complex has been released for rFactor
now EVO it's time for you to do your work.

not sure if KRP has night racing, but the rF version does.


They are saying AC is going to be mod friendly.
so only time will tell, until i get my hands on it, i can't say.
Sorry i have been down and out due to this Flue i got a few weeks ago.
it's really kicking my ass, hope to finish up the other 2 tracks maybe next week, once i can work without running to spit out oysters every 2 minutes....lol
and not sure about rF2 yet, i do have Suzuka ported over, but my free trial version of 3DSimed 3 beta has run out.
and at the moment, not sure if i will work on rF2, i may switch over to Assetto Corsa when it's released, depends on how easy converting things are.
I do like rF2, but having to work 5X harder for a hobby,and ISI reaping the benefits of others work doesn't seem justified this time around.
sounds like a good idea.
when they are finished, not sure why i finished Suzuka 1st as it was the last track i started.
i guess i was just having fun making it, and the next thing you know , it's finished...lol
i'm still debating on what to do about starting lights for New Castle, as they don't have any.
but i would like to add some, as many complain about not knowing when the race starts...lol
what are you talking about.?....lol
the track has 3 .mas files.
Suzuka_Kart.mas = gmt's
Suzuka_Kart_map.mas = textures
Sky.mas = sky